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5 Productive Things You Can Do With Android Tablets

Android tablets are useful little devices, especially when you have a specific task in mind for them. But how, exactly, can entry-level tablets help you get more work done? Here are a few solid examples to help boost workplace productivity:

Improve productivity tablet
1. Secondary Display

Why buy an expensive second monitor when you can use a cheap Android tablet that you can position anywhere you want it to?

Certain apps like ScreenSlider and iDisplay stream the display from a desktop computer to a tablet PC – effectively letting you access content from your desktop on your tablet. You can also load websites, open documents, or play videos on the tablet itself. Both options give you an extra screen to hold more information, like reference materials or alternate websites, as you work on your desktop.

2. Reference Library

Speaking of references, you can store a ton of manuals, diagrams, and photos on your Android tablet.

This lets you bring your digital library with you wherever you go; allowing you to study up and review important documents no matter where you are. You don't need to rummage through a cabinet full of folders or to set up a physical library where you have to be careful around paper documents. Just bring out your tablet and search for the reference materials you need.

3. Learning Tool

Just as you can pull up reference materials, so too can you utilize ebooks, educational and language apps on your tablet.

ebooks, audiobooks, online courses, learning apps, educational videos – your tablets can handle all these learning tools for you. While not tied directly to productivity, budget tablets open up many learning opportunities without having to spend a ton of money on expensive hardware. Couple this with the portable nature of tablets, and you have a useful tool to help you get better at work while keeping costs down low.

4. Cloud-Linked Notepad

If you need to take down notes, an Android tablet serves as the perfect tool for automatically storing your notes on the cloud.

This is a useful feature for those that need to jot down their notes without having to worry about losing their notes. As long as you are connected to the Internet, apps like EverNote and OneNote will save your notes (both handwritten and typed out) for later use. You can then access these notes on any device of your choosing, from your entry-level tablet to your home computer.

5. Secured Storage

And last but not the least, you can use your affordable Android tablets as super-secure work devices.

You can snap up a few cheap Android tabs, install as many safety measures as necessary, and allow access only for selected people. You can even go so far as to restrict browsing and installation features on such tablets. This lets you work within a very 'sanitized' environment, where it is much harder for malware to make its way into the tablet. This is perfect for handling and protecting sensitive data; ensuring that it doesn't leak due to careless individuals or hidden malware.

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