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Bing Yahoo Advertising

If you have only concentrated on Google and completely ignored Bing Yahoo advertising, you are missing big time on reaching a wider audience around the world. You should know that Bing and Yahoo searches account for one-third of the Internet searches. We create a Yahoo and Bing PPC advertising campaign that has the potential to reach millions of people. We also take a deeper look into your industry and then target Yahoo Bing network partners such as Viacom, CNBC, WebMD, Monster, Amazon and Facebook for Bing and Yahoo PPC advertising campaigns. We give you an opportunity to target specific markets and demographics through our extensive analysis. Moreover, we make it economical for you to host your Yahoo and Bing PPC ads by limiting the exposure of these advertisements to specific targets that can be of use to your business.

Key features of our Bing Yahoo advertising services

  • Tracking of clicks versus conversions
  • Fixed price PPC campaigns with assured numbers
  • Fixed duration PPC campaigns with assured numbers
  • Location and category oriented targeting

Stay on Top with Our Bing Yahoo PPC Advertising

Another distinct advantage that we capitalize on is the lesser competition and the lower cost per click rates when compared to Google. Through our Bing Yahoo advertising services, your ads will be easily recognizable to online traffic. We also offer you well-written advertisements that can boost your Bing and Yahoo PPC advertising campaigns. The write-ups can be varied according to set parameters that define your potential customers. We assure you a minimum reach through the campaign which most PPC service providers shy away from. During the entire campaign, we constantly keep in touch assuring you that you are on the right track and that your money is being spent wisely. We also make modifications along the way to deliver you the best results. This is only possible through our relentless monitoring of the results as we go forward.

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