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Clone Airbnb


Airbnb Clone, much similar to its originator, AIRBNB, is a globally recognized and adapted, a best in class vacation Rental Solution that offers eloquently niche variations of Vacation Rentals, that do allows the users of the system to opt for A-Class Rental options, letting them breathe in an ambience similar to what they desire for. Airbnb Clone has been developed keeping in mind the Concept of HOME AWAY FROM HOME.

But, taking an additional foot forth, the Clone being developed concerns not only with the Vacation rentals. The richness of the solution lies in the very fact that it is highly customizable, giving our Clients ample flexibilities to manipulate the same in accordance to their Business requirements. Thus it is a Proven Versatile Solution being developed, catering the needs of a variety of Business Verticals.

Business Needs

Being a Service Oriented platform, the system did had a huge requirement for the establishment of the proper flow of information between both the Service Provider and the Service Seeker that is the end-user. Keeping the same in mind, a variety of necessitates have been included and implemented efficiently into the system, thereby shaping it exactly the way it should be.

The system supports the following key traits, thus imparting implicit potent to it:

  • User Management
  • Calendar & Price Management
  • Google Map Implementation
  • Coupon Code Management
  • Property Management
  • Listing Management and likewise

Thus, the system is developed focusing over the interactive data sharing and information exchange between the Service Providers and the End Users, seeking the optimum kind of service justifying their requirements and finances altogether.

Business Model

The AIRBNB CLONE being developed, extensively involves the Service Providers that is the Hosts and the Service Seekers.

Similar to Airbnb, Airbnb Clone also, is based on MARKETPLACE PLATFORM MODEL. The model states the establishment of Mutual communication between the users of the system, here in its case the Hosts and the Travelers. The system lets the users mutually agrees upon the give and take of the service to be availed via the platform itself and do levies a minimal gratuity amount to both the users for the services they are opting and the commerces they are making via it.


Clone industry is an ever increasing industry and owes a considerable scope from the Business’ point of View. Various corporates are showing their interests in creating their own solutions similar to the ones that already have made an impact.

Against the demand for such solutions, various Solution providers are heading deploying such clone solutions to the clients. A headstrong competition is prevailing in the Clone Industry. There are quite a lot of clone solutions available in the market for similar solutions but the results, the richness and the quality of those solutions depends upon the effective Filters being implemented within the system, which based upon our analysis and testing were not providing the appropriate results to the users. We had to make sure that such issues should not be the part of our system.


Keeping the effectiveness of the results in mind, our Developers did have paid extreme care while programming the filters which were responsible for attaining the precision of results, so they optimum results could have been generated against each user query .

Achieved Result

After rigorous Research and Analysis over the current ongoing trends in the market and the updates that the industry demands every now and then, we did have managed to successfully develop a niche solution that caters all the verticals of the Rental Industry effectively and is a definitive aid, boosting the tourism and the effective utilization of free spaces while earning substantially out from the same, putting in least efforts.

Also, the system being developed is high on Scalability Index and is Modifiable to any extent thus catering your User Base in an effective manner and steeping a sheer increase to the same.

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