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College Parrot


College Parrot is a free iPhone application, run by college students. This application lets them share photos, events and activities happening in their college campus.
This iPhone application is specially developed for students of four universities so that they can stay updated with latest happenings of their college campus. The app provides an isolated environment where students can share the sporting events, cultural activities, what they like about their college, what they have planned for weekends or can start a discussion with their group. It works like a mini social network where the students are free to post, share, comment, like the photos of their friends. 
College Parrot also allows students to create a group to post information, the group is controlled by the admin. The photos and post are first approved by admin before publishing into the group.

Business Needs 

College Parrot was mainly developed for students to give them an appropriate user friendly platform, where they can feel free to share anything with their friends. During the whole discovery phase of application, we worked with the client to know all the functional and non-functional requirements. 
The primary need of the app was to provide a platform where college students can connect together. The application was not designed with complicated UI and difficult navigation structure. Rather, it is designed with attractive design along with simple and easy navigation, so that students can easily go through the entire app and post content.  
However, there are a number of social networking websites in the market that connects every kind of people, but College Parrot provides a separate platform for students to keep in touch.

Business Model

The college Parrot app solution was targeted and implemented for iPhone/iPad users, which enables users to share textual content as well as multimedia content such as images and Videos.
So, our experts chose a business model that was most ideal and feasible according to the nature of the app. By taking a lot of inputs from clients, we were able to decide which business model to choose.
It was needed to enable the features of registration, login, donation to College Parrot, event creation, etc. Thus the business model had to support these functionalities to develop an outstanding social networking app. 


There were several challenges we faced while developing the College Parrot app, some of these are as follows:
>> Manage the data group of thousands of students.
>> Screen resolution (As Apple came with a new device that has different screen size)
>> Adaptation of SDK
>> Admin Verification of Posts
Among the number of social networking platforms available in the market, it was a bit typical to make the application elegant from other networking apps. It was required to make an app that works in a smooth way to deliver great user experience. 
Verification of photos by the group admin was also a big challenge. Unlike other social networking platforms, posts and photos can’t appear to every student until it is verified by their administrator. 


Considering the challenges we utilized our best practices to handle the bulk database of all the groups of students. We researched and implemented the advanced techniques, algorithms and SQL queries that gave the optimal results for the entire system. 
We integrated suitable APIs, and improved the design to give a user friendly look as well as an easy-to-use interface through the entire application. 
Our team used skilled programming techniques in order to face the most challenging admin verification phases which needed careful implementation of all the queries. The overall system was challenging, but our experienced programmers and developers utilized the techniques very efficiently, that provided the great success in developing the College Parrot application.

Achieved Results

After the research on the latest techniques and app trends in the market, we successfully developed the app and achieved the desired results. However, it was challenging for us to develop a user friendly app for students. But our extensive utilization of advanced technologies and algorithms made it possible.  
We effectively balanced UI/UX design ensuring that the application works well on various iPhone platforms by following the standard UI guidelines. Following the clients need, we adopted agile methodologies to ensure that client is completely satisfied with the application.
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