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Fashmod, a Portmanteau or a Compound of words, Fashion and Modista, stipulates the solution having Centricity towards the Fashion.

Fashmod is a definitive Platform keeping in mind the Style-Affinity of the Fashionistas, the Stylists, the Brand, and how they all are conventionally dependent onto each other, making it altogether an excellent Platform.

It works in a cumulative manner, benefiting all of its users. The system allows Registration of:

  • The Models
  • The Brand Stores
  • The End Users interested in Potential Purchases

The Models

The Models can Upload the Branded Apparels, adorn and then can tag the Brands on them.

The Brand

The Brands will also get the opportunity to enroll with the system, they can upload their products with the respective Item code, so that when the Models will upload their attires, the specific Item code will get associate with the Tag.

The User

User can View, Comment or Like the attire as being showcased by the Models. He/She will get the option to BUY the attire, which will take the user to the Brand’s Official E-Store.

User will get yet another option to Locate the nearest Brand Store in his/her area.

Business Needs

Davide Sola, a keen visionary & a passionate entrepreneur, has envisioned the entire concept of Fashmod, whereby, showing there immense Trust and Confidence into us, we were responsible of developing the entire Solution from the Scratch. The Clients’ Foremost requirements were to create the Solution over both Web and Mobile Platform (iPhone). The key aspect as was envisioned for the system was to Synchronize the Data between the Web and mobile Platforms, that is, any activity over the Web must reflect onto the Web and vice-Versa.

Business Model

The basic system as being envisioned required having the following dedicated Registrants: Users, the Models and the Brands.

Where there can be a role reversal between the End Users and the Models, the Brands do have a Unique Registration and are required to upload their Items they want to be tagged onto Fashmod.

The stuff being Uploaded and tagged by the Models can be checked out by the Users and the users are than allowed in a 2-way manner.

They can either proceed to BUY instantly, clicking onto where they will be navigated to the Brand’s site.

They could also check for the option to LOCATE NBEAREST STORE, whereby they will get the Location of the Brand Store in their nearest area.

For the entire Traffic being brought in by the Model, they will earn Credits which can be utilized further Purchasing stuffs with the Brand itself.

Fashmod earns a commission of 20% out from the Total Credits being earned by the models onto the Platform.


The Key Challenge that we faced while developing this system was to Root the Credit distribution Algorithm efficiently.

The Credits were being required to be managed efficiently, bifurcating between the EARNED CREDITS from BUY NOW & from LOCATE THE NEAREST STORE.


After considerable Research over the Prevailing trends in the Market, and with continual discussions with the Client on an ongoing Basis, we did drafted a complete Blue-print for how the system is required to work over the Credits Management Module and then we did have developed this entire Module with efficacy.

Achieved Result

Based upon the Strategic Analysis we did over the system and the way the development was being planned, we managed coming up with the much envisioned solution. However, the system do have a vast scope of Additions and revisions in terms of functionality, but the client is highly satisfied, with the solution we developed for him.

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