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Handsm, is a niche Platform allowing its users to hobnob with Strangers, getting to know about them, finding perfect partners for themselves and share their life’s experiences with everyone via interactive Media sharing (images for now).

Handsm is a perfect Destination Solution for those interested in finding Friends or stepping into a Head ahead Relationship. It is highly user engaging and interactive Gay Dating Application letting its users to find the most suited match for themselves.

It is a location centric App, that lets the users to search for the Perfect Partners based upon Compatibility and Location. However, the app also allows the users to search for their Friends or Partners from distant locations as well, based upon their preference of whether they want a Long Distance Relationship or a Hooked one.

Looking for true love, getting socialized, sharing the happenings all are well-catered via Handsm.

The Sophisticated Layouts, Color Schemes gives the users an interactive and niche Platform. Also, the inclusions of a broad category of Features to search and interact with others catches the interests of the users looking finding partners.

Business Needs

The very reason behind the genesis of the Gay Dating App, was giving a space to the Homo-sexuals, gay users, where they can find Partners, gel up easily with them. Homo-Sexuality has always been a sensitive subject and despite this being globally accepted, the Homo-Sexuals are often been humiliated. Thus, their independence and freedom to find and choose the right partner has been affected.

Thus, with the objective of offering the Gay Community a Niche platform dedicated to help them outreaching the perfect partner for themselves, and considering the ever increasing demand of the Online Social Networking Solutions, we researched rigorously to develop an optimum socio-centric solution for them.

Being very unique, considering the concept since its catering a specific set of users exclusively, it do have very vast scope of getting a substantial user base.

Business Model

The Solution being modeled is an Online Dating Platform dedicated for iPhone/iPad users letting them to search out the perfect partner or to socialize themselves online.

The entire structure of the App is being developed focusing over its User-Base. Subject centric Color-Schemes, Layouts, avatars to be created all adds to the finesse of the App all the more.

The App do offer implicit Instant Chat Feature, letting the users to connect with each other and can also share the Multi-Media content (restricted to images for now).

The App also features Advertisements from Admobs is also being implemented in the App thus enabling the owner an additional scope of earnings. The App also incorporates Google Analytics showcasing the App Statistics on Daily, Weekly and monthly basis.


The App do offer rich Instant Chat feature, letting the users connect with each other via chat. This has been implemented using QUICKBLOX, a 3rd party API. Since in the instant chat, the communication being established is peer to peer between the users, and all the Chat data is being stored onto the QUICKBLOX Server, there was a need to fetch the Previous Chat in quick turnaround time.


In order to fetch the Chat history efficiently and steadfast, the entire user Chat is being stored onto a Local Database from where the user can fetch the Previous Chat from any instance of time and the same being stored on the Local Database was fetched Quickly and shared with the user in a desired frame of time.

Achieved Result

Based upon the Strategic Analysis we did over the system and the way the development was being planned, we managed coming up with the much envisioned solution. The biggest asset of the Solution being developed is the vast scope of Customizations creating a room for new business possibilities.

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