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The new age Trends defines, designing Socio-Geeking in almost every sphere, focusing even onto those that have been Glossed over.

HappenShare is suggestive of Sharing what is Happening around. It is an Application that lets the users Share their experiences and happenings with co-users of the App. The App is developed focusing mainly over the Wildlife excursion. Many a times it happens, the Safari Lovers troops into places in search of their favorite animals and absorb undefined amount of time to have a look of them.

That’s simply a very waste of time. Keeping in mind similar concerns, HappenShare is being developed, allowing the visitors, share their experiences with others using the App. An activity being shared, will be visible to every user on their Map. The Key Quality of the App is extensive utilization of map Technology. Similar to Trulia, HappenShare allows Map Listings in a Boundary or Area Specific manner that is the Listings will be displayed only for the Map area being visible on the Device, the app is installed on.

Also, it displays the Posts being created in a very Sophisticated manner both onto the Map or in List Format, which can also be sorted. The Listing being provided is similar to how this all has been listed on YELP, a Business listing Solution.

Thus, summing up the entire App, it can be perfectly defined as a Blend of Yelp & Trulia.

Business Needs

The System being envisioned was developed keeping in mind the Activity tracking needs of the Users at a variety of Geographical Locations. Any activity at any Location can be Posted and Shared over the App, letting the other users of the App to review and help creating a Substantial Reputation of the same.

The App can be used for a variety of purposes, like discerning a Prey, expediting the Presence of anything unusual socially, Weather Updating etc.

The System was required to be highly efficient in terms of Locating the Activities onto the Map, managing the Feeds and User Posts.

Business Model

The System being planned to be developed was expected to be bi-functional in terms of Post Creations by the users in their area and publishing the posts both onto the Map and in a Composed List Style.

Users are allowed to register with the App for free and can utilize it to create Posts, to get Alerts on any Location they are planning to visit. In a way the user will be getting feeds for the ongoing Activities and Happenings in the area.

The App also features Advertisements as banner Ads and Admobs is also being implemented in the App thus enabling the owner an additional scope of earnings.


The Major Challenges being addressed and worked over by the Developers is to work with the Map Vicinity that is displaying the Posts confined to the area of the map being visible on the Device being used and reciprocating them in a list in the similar manner. This Methodology of Map implementation is being implemented only in Trulia and thus we were required to do a whole load of Research on it.

Another major challenge as being addressed by the team was managing the Notifiers & Saved Results, to calculate the total seen and unseen posts in an Area Specific manner.


Considering the vastness of the system being envisioned and the quality of Search Results as will be expected by the users of the App, the masterminds here did studied the Map Techniques and finally ended up with an Algorithm based upon Spatial Analysis they did and that helped conjuring the much envisioned Solution.

Achieved Result

Based upon the Strategic Analysis we did over the system and the way the development was being planned, we managed coming up with the much envisioned solution. The extensive utilization of the Map, the Spatial Analysis, the Sophisticated manner of listing the Posts, everything contributes to a Niche and productive end result that is highly User-Engaging and intuitive Mobile App. The App is being developed keeping in mind the vast scope of modifications to the basic concept for which the App has been developed.

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