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Instanine, a highly sophisticated imitation to the so much talked about Mobile Application Instagram, whereby users were endowed with the advantage to upload and share their photos over a broad spectrum of Social Media websites as available in Instagram.

The very reason behind the Genesis of Instanine - Instagram Clone, is the increasing demand of Social Media Presence as being acclaimed by the users. Instanine is an Instagram Clone which is a perfect amalgamation of Social Media and Multi Media sharing.

With Instanine, users can add pre-installed filters to their selfies, Group photos or any moment to be cherished and shared, and add a sophisticated look and feel to it and upload them to social Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter etc. The nature of the Photos being edited and uploaded are Instamatic and Polaroid. Users are also being given an extended feature to add digital filters to the images giving them a niche look altogether.

The Sophisticated Layouts, Color Schemes gives the users an interactive and niche Platform. Also, the inclusions of a broad category of Filters and editing effects definitely catches the interests of the users looking for alternative of Instagram.

Business Needs

Instanine, is an In-Organization product that we developed keeping in mind the outrageous demand for similar solutions from the entrepreneurs and the Magnates in the industry. Nine Hertz operations Bi-vertically under, the Product Domain and the Service Vector.

Under the Service Domain, we work in-line with our Client’s needs and Requirements and deploy them much envisioned Solutions. Under our Product vertical, we focus creating the custom solutions that can be purchased and can be nurtured into a successful Venture. Either ways, we do work as Technology Partners to our Clients, helping them become Blue Chips of their Domain.

Instanine, the Instagram Clone have been developed seeing the growing demand of similar solutions. Our research team did extensive market research over the Growing Trends in App industry and we figured out that Business Houses are seeking to toast the concept as being initiated by the Masterminds behind Instagram.

Thus keeping the Market needs in mind, we developed the Instanine Script that can be availed and be modified catering the industry needs.

Business Model

The Application solution as being planned to be implemented is a Social Sharing Application dedicated to iPhone/iPad users letting them share the multimedia content (images and Videos) with the Friends and Followers.

Overcoming the very constraint as with Instagram, which lets the users to upload the videos of a restricted Timeframe that is 30 seconds only, Instanine do allows an extended Timeline for videos being uploaded.

Instanine, in its core essence has been developed exactly similar to Instagram, however can be Customized and Modified in accordance with the Client’s requirements.

The Development platform being used for its development:

  • Front- End: Objective C
  • Back-End: Core PHP

Effective User Management, Statistics Management, Content and Data Management and flexibility in transforming the essence of the App are all due to the intelligently coded Logics offering it the much required Scalability and Extensibility.


The biggest challenge that we came across during the development was managing multiple posts from millions of Users every second, Storing bulk Volumes of Data and likewise Processing the User Requests Instantly without much Delays or Time Lags


After researching considerably over the prevailing Trends in Technology for effective Bulk Data Handling, we started off utilizing the Best Practices for firing SQL Queries, Utilizing or Extracting only specific Data. We also have implemented Database Sharding and have Deployed Elastic Load Balancing Techniques over Server to effectively handle the Heavy incoming Traffic onto the App

Achieved Result

Based upon the Strategic Analysis we did over the system and the way the development was being planned, we managed coming up with the much envisioned solution. The biggest asset of the Solution being developed is the vast scope of Customizations creating a room for new business possibilities.

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