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Poly-Glot is an interactive Kids Learning App, a dedicated Mobile Solution helping the Learners to get versed with the Languages available in the App. The App has been developed for the beginners, especially for the Kindergartners, letting them learn the very basics of the language from the initial.

The App is highly engaging in nature, letting the users to learn in an interactive manner. Enhanced Audio effects, Sophisticated Layout and the interactive Design Theme adds more to the finesse of the solution, justifying with the Learning needs of the User.

The app also contributes improving the Speech as the phonetics can be heard as well and be recorded for self-analysis of it.

Business Needs

A clear speech, Symbol Recognition, amending focus to Learning, all requires not only in-school efforts from the maidens there but also requires to bound an ounce more of the interest of the kids to make quick leaps in learning.

Thus, based upon the growing needs of an interactive App that can help the users or the kids to efficiently learn the language, improving their Speech altogether, we developed POLY-GLOT, letting the kids learn in a Fun Frolic manner.

Though dedicated for the Kids, but can be utilized by any beginner or learner as well. The key asset of the App is the additional scope for including more Language Learning options. Though currently the App is bi-lingual, supporting just English and Arabic, but the App being developed do have a vast scope of including more Languages which can efficiently be downloaded and be used in the to learn.

Business Model

The App was developed focusing over to develop an App solution, letting the Users to learn a vast variety of languages or their natives steadily in an engaging manner.

The App though currently have 2 languages being supported that is English and Arabic, we do have included various other languages as well that can be activated from the Back-End based upon the Business Needs at our Clients’ end.

Learning can be very monotonous and can add to the Langour. Thus keeping all the concerns relating the learning process, we came up with the idea of developing an App Solution that can help making Learning a Fun Process altogether.

The App can help generating the revenue in a two-way manner:

  • 1. Selling the License of the App for distinct Language Support
  • 2. Via Effective Ads Management

The App can be a proven help to Kinder Gartens and the Speech training Institutes allowing them to train their students efficiently and in a very interactive manner.


The greatest Challenge that we came across while developing the App was Pattern Recognition against the patterns being drawn by the user. The whole concept was designed onto an Array, where checking for whether the pattern being drawn by the user, do have the coordinates matching or falls near around the pre-stored coordinates for the standard pattern in the app or not.

Considering the human involvement and the obvious errors being associated with human intervention, the pattern matching or more precisely the coordinates matching was exempt upto 80%


Taking into our due consideration all the concerns, we developed an algorithm which helps tracking the user’s actions or how effectively they are drawing the patterns. The user drawn pattern is then stored into a temporary Array which is then matched against the Pre-defined pattern into the App and checked for the similarity of coordinates in between them. Thus, based upon these schematic implementations, the App calculates the overall in-line or Matching percentage of the two Patterns and then Results are being generated whether the pattern being drawn is correct or not.

Achieved Result

Based upon the Strategic Analysis we did over the system and the way the development was being planned, we managed coming up with the much envisioned solution. However, the system do have a vast scope of Additions and revisions in terms of functionality, but the client is highly satisfied, with the solution we developed for him.

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Nine Hertz is very good company I trust them on my projects and we did 4 projects so far 5 stars

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