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SelfieHeat was developed as a Platform to aid the users winning impressive Deals and Prizes that can add to their living luxuries as well.

SelfieHeat justifies the up-stated. The very reason behind its Genesis was to offer the users a one supreme platform whereby users can come, join Challenges and can win ample Prizes. The Prices might vary from anything to everything. In a way, it’s an effort to help people achieve what they dream of.

The growing trends in Social Media Industry laid the very foundation of the app, that being rigorously utilized for the growth and effective functioning of the App.

SelfieHeat is a Deal Oriented Mobile App for iPhone/iPad that asks the Users to participate into various challenges to procure a Deal being listed onto the App. Upon the effective accomplishment of the Deal, the App’s backend mathematics opts out for the Deal Champion.

There is always a winner for every Deal.

Business Needs & Challenges

For a solution like this, there was a requirement of effective Data Uploading techniques that allows the admin to upload for the Deals from the backend and lets the users to participate in Deal Challenges to avail them.

Thus, effective Data Handling requirement was there to manage the Deals from the Backend and to keep regulate the timeline for the deal to get started and to stay alive.

Business Model

The efficiency and effectiveness of the App is justifiable concerning huge user interaction via Social implementations into the app, which attracts the user’s attention with attractive Deals and Challenges, offering them Gifts and rewards in return. Thus, it is one of its kind App, which encourages its users to be socially active on the App in return of impressive goodies & freebies.

It also incorporates Efficient Advertisement Panel that contributes to the revenue generation substantially.


To manage the timer efficiently in the App, thus enabling the effective management time versus vote index on every Challenge, the user participates into, Server Time is being fetched from the server, from the moment the Deal starts and the countdown timer starts up till the upper limit for the deal is reached. Simultaneously, an up-counter is maintained to count up the votes. Thus, a proper synchronization is being established in these two for effective result generation.

Achieved Result

Based upon the Strategic Analysis we did over the system and the way the development was being planned, we managed coming up with the much envisioned solution. The biggest asset of the Solution being developed is the vast scope of Customizations creating a room for new business possibilities.

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