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Complete Website SEO guide: Part 2

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Here I start again but before that let me give you a glimpse of Complete Complete Website SEO guide-Part1. The part 1 included the difference between the tactics that were used before Google Penguin, Panda, Hummingbird update and what is best for future SEO. Moreover, detailed explaination of on-page techniques for targeted and Sitewide pages of the website.

Now, there are few more on-page changes left that need to be considered while completing website optimization.

Let’s begin the SEO ride!!

After considering HTTP Headers, next part is DUPLICATE Content.

Duplicate Content

Duplicate content signifies you never put your efforts and try to get the benefits of the work done by others, so who the hell is going to support you? NO ONE!! And you may even get slapped by Panda.

Google Panda

When it comes to duplicate content you should be well aware of Google Panda. Your site may get penalized by Google Panda due to low quality (thin) and duplicate content.

Google Panda considers two types of Duplicate content:

  • 1) Internal Duplicate content
  • 2) Cross-domain Duplicate content

Internal duplicate content means your website has same content in more than 2-3 pages i.e. with 2-3 unique indexable URLs contain same content. On other hand low quality content or thin content means you keep the same content in 2-3 pages with very little changes, for instance you provide care hire service in London, Cambridge, Sussex etc.. And you have created three landing pages

These three pages contain same content with only difference of location, this is called thin content.

Google says “We only promote quality content sites and sites with duplicate and thin content will be taken care by Panda.”

Cross-domain duplicate content means you have copied content from other website and placed it on your website. This sort of duplicate content should be avoided.

Google wants you to put efforts and you can rank with your efforts.

Efforts should NOT be on doings bookmarking, Spammy comments, spun content etc… It should be on gaining trust on WEB.

Google also says if you have internal or cross-domain duplicate content than you can avoid these by two ways:

Canonical tag can be used for internal and cross domain duplicate content. The use of hreflang is similar but it is way more powerful and much better option over canonical.

Broken Links

Broken links are links that leads you to a non-existing page i.e. a 404 page. When clicking a broken link it leads you to website page with 404 response code. It is clearly mentioned in Google guidelines to fix the site 404 errors and make your site crawler friendly.

Broken link

Broken links have negative effect on sites ranking so it should be dealt carefully. To avoid this problem Google webmasters tool give you the list of pages with 404 errors and you only have to remove those links and through them in the remove URL part of Webmaster tool. Secondly allow automated sitemaps on your site or regularly update your sitemap to ensure 404 pages are been removed.

Social Media Meta Tags

Social media is nowadays a powerful way to generate traffic and revenue of your site. So, to embrace more users, social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest have enabled Social Media Meta Tags like Facebook Open Graph, Twitter cards, Pinterest Rich Pins and Google+ structured data.

If you own a WordPress website then Yoast plugin will help you.

Furthermore, these tags not only improve user experience but it also improves the Click through Rate thus increases traffic.

If, you are too lazy than Facebook Open Graph is the best amongst all

Google social media meta tags


Feed is an XML that contains list of entries with a unique link and description. People use the feed by Feed aggregator like My Yahoo that enables the user to access all information of your site without going out of their way to visit.

It is important to syndicate your feed to syndication sites because it helps the user to find your feed when they actually looking for the same.

Note: Syndicated content are not considered to be duplicate as stated by Google.


Sitemaps is list of pages of a website accessible to users and crawlers.

Sitemap are of two types:

  • 1) HTML
  • i) HTML Sitemap
  • 2) XML
  • i) XML Sitemap
  • ii) ROR Sitemap
  • iii) Image Sitemap
  • iv) Video Sitemap
  • v) News Sitemap
  • vi) Mobile Sitemap

Presence of all these sitemaps on your site will boost user and crawlers experience.

One more thing to note here is to submit your XML sitemaps to Google Webmaster Tools. This will let you know the errors if present on sitemap and enable Google to crawl all pages smoothly.

Social media icons

twitter follow me

Presence of your site on Social Media plays a vital role in showing your existance on Social Media. So to tell search engines and users about your presence on Social Media is best presented by placing Social Media icons on site.

As Google stated, they count website presence on Social Media and checks your engagement (Likes, Share, follow, subscription, comments, favorites) by the users, so placing follow, like and tweet button on site matters a lot.

facebook like


Blog on site is a very strong signal to Search Engines signifying that your site has regularly been updating its content and your site timely contributes new content to the web.

There are many other benefits as well like

  • 1)      Enhanced Internal Linking
  • 2)      More Indexed Pages
  • 3)      Link Bait
  • 4)      Content Variety
  • 5)      Helps in ranking your site for long term keywords
  • 6)      Generating feed
  • 7)      Engaging users by comment, like or share

SEO benefits of blogging

While integrating blog on site it’s important to have blog as sub-directory not as sub-domain.

Not Recommended Highly Recommended

The reason I recommend this is because Matt Cutts stated it.


Pagination is usually present in Ecommerce site and it creates a problem to search engines i.e. Search engines are not able to recognize which page comes first, means it seems to be unstructured to the search engines.

Pagination is now not an issue, thanks to link tag attributes rel=”next”, rel=”prev” and canonical tag that resolve all the problems of pagination.

SEO solution for Pagination

Pagination is just a way to show your 1000’s of product on your site but there are two other ways as well i.e. Lazy Loading and View All. Everything has its cons and pros but I prefer to use Lazy loading with XML sitemap. I will let you know why in my upcoming post.

Mobile responsive

People have changed their lives, changing the technologies used, migrating from Desktop to tablet/smart phones and it is even seen from research that 60% users prefers to work on tablet or mobile because they turn out to be too handy.

Responsive site

Secondly, Google always checks your site performance on desktop, tablet and mobile showing the best of you to users. So it is highly recommended to make your site responsive for mobiles and tablets.

Captcha in query form

Captcha in query form is recommended because it will help you to avoid spam though people are knee-deep in spamming and do it by any means possible but it good to avoid at best.


Semantic Markup

Semantic Markup is a HTML code that enables search engines to understand the meaning of the content.

I have made a research on it and you can check it out at Detailed Study on Semantic Markup .

Semantic Markup for SEO purpose

After going through the info-graphic you will learn the use of Semantics in Google and how much it is important.

Video on site

Video is the best way to tell your story in an attractive manner and people love watching videos instead of reading text.

Video has other benefits as well like you can publish it on your YouTube channel and make it popular with YouTube Ranking Strategy. The benefit of YouTube is we can rank the video on Google and place the link of your website in the Video Description. It is very easy to rank a YouTube video instead of an articles and that is more attractive.

Moreover you can place YouTube Video Markup as stated in my research on Semanticsto rank your video easily on SERP. The ranking strategy of a YouTube video is very similar to our old tactics because YouTube is owned by Google and Google is not going to penalize its own product.

Whistle Phone Finder-A Phone Locator Android App  YouTube video

Relevant landing pages

It is generally seen that people summaries their whole services in a single page which include small part of everything. This part of practice is not good at all because it will confuse Google what exactly the website offer and are more perfect on which part of service.

Google Quality Score includes landing pages

It is highly recommended to create specific pages of each different service like if you provide Mobile Development and web development than its best to create two separate pages, one for Mobile Development and other for Web Development. This has one more benefit, i.e., it will create more landing pages and helping Google to understand specific keywords of each individual pages thus your site may start getting ranked on SERP.

Blog is another way to increase the landing pages of your site thus Blogging on regular basis is recommended.


Testimonials are the user/client reviews that help to gain trust of new users or upcoming clients. It represents how good your services are and how best you are amongst your competitors.


Placing reviews/testimonial on site has huge benefits like:

  • 1)      Gaining Trust
  • 2)      Building Relationship
  • 3)      Placing Review Markup which increases CTR

Above the fold

Above the fold concept states that 65% of users would like to click on the link that appears in the front screen and very few scroll the page to the end, so it is very important to place all the valuable links above the fold to get hit by users.

With above the fold concept, blog owners started placing ads on the top screen which enable the user to click on the link which helped them monetize. So Google launched Page Layout update which deals with site owners who places ads above the fold and have intention to get money instead of giving knowledge.

Above the fold

Here, in terms of SEO for site owners they should place adds on right and left side of the page which will help them to be safe with Googles updates. Similarly for e-commerce site owners it is best to places all offers/coupons on top page i.e. above the fold to get more conversion and lastly for Portal sites they should place all valuable links or featured links so that thirty get benefited by the above the fold concept.


Newsletter is regularly distributed information which is about the single topic of interests to its subscriber. Newsletters are generally used to engage your site users and provide them useful content. To provide newsletters to users to need to ask them to subscribe your site content and to do so best practice is to place automatic subscribe text box after 15-30 sec of page view.


Newsletter can help to convert your leads and increase your brand awareness. Both situations are a win-win. So why wait just implement the newsletter facility to your site.


Copyright should be up-to-date as an outdated copyright reflects that site has not been updates from long time. So as per user experience it is best to keep your copyright up-to-date.


Now, lets move to Off-Page Stuff







Popcorn Break!!!


As I said before SEO is a big shark, so hold your breath I will be back soon with great interesting updates.

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Gaurav Sharma is a Digital Marketing Expert with years of experience in SEO. He is an enthusiast and love to explore new stuffs. You can check out him out onFacebook and Twitter or mail him personally.

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