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Facebook Marketing Services

It could be your business, a new app that you have launched or your website, you cannot afford to ignore Facebook marketing services today as this social networking site has more than 400 million users worldwide. It is therefore no surprise that several Facebook marketing companies are mushrooming all around you. However, hiring just about anyone can mean burning a hole in your pocket. You need Nine Hertz’s expert Facebook marketing services to get to the right audience. We define parameters– in consultation with you – even before venturing into the creation on the actual campaign. Through our Facebook marketing services, we do a detailed analysis of your target audience and set demographic parameters such as location, age, gender, relationship status and even emotional quotient are considered. This enables us to deliver you the best per click cost and extended reach. We also create compelling graphics such that your target audience is naturally drawn towards clicking your ads on the Facebook.

Our Facebook online marketing Value Additions

  • Guidance through ad creation and setting up of daily budget
  • Constant monitoring of fan interaction on the home page
  • Devising of multiple campaigns simultaneously for greater reach at affordable cost per click
  • Constant statistical analysis to enhance the campaign results

Nine Hertz Facebook Marketing Services to Get You Going

Our Facebook marketing service also makes your business page look great with compelling banners, witty one-liners, videos, and engaging conversations that can get people talking about your business and visiting your website. Being the best among Facebook marketing companies, we also time your Facebook posts in a manner such that you get maximum exposure on this social networking website. We make the home page look so inviting that you get a huge number of generic traffic without any costs attached to it. Throughout our campaign we strive to get material onboard the page that has the potential to go viral and increase your reach to unimaginable levels.

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