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Factors you should consider before developing mobile app

Mobile apps are the need of today’s business, irrespective the size of your enterprise.  These are the best way to engage your customers with your product. More I can say, these are the reminders of your product and services you offer, thus play a vital role in generating new customers. Now if I talk about the small sized businesses then I find that mobile apps benefited small size businesses in an extreme way in recent days. Pizzerias, Beauty parlors, Coffeehouses were the names of small size businesses when they actually came into existence but now they are the big names in their respective industry, due to the fact that their mobile apps benefited them very well. Thus, we can say, developing an app for your enterprise adds value to your overall marketing plan.

But developing an app is not just enough, there are a lot of other things as well that actually needed for your success in this mobile world. Your app should be noticed and get downloaded among the mass of people is the real task.

     Concept of mobile app development

These are certain other factors which you should consider before developing an app.

Your targeted customers:

It is the first step that who are the type of your targeted customers, are they office workers or businessmen or youth?  You have to think about it. Also, how many of them use smartphones. You need to consider their preferred mobile operating system or mobile operator as well.

Your available Budget:

Developing an app for your enterprise is not a cheap thing. If you hire an agency for app development, the cost of your mobile app depends on that agency that how much they will charge you.  Thus, the cost of your app will be more. Your app development cost should be suitable with your available budget.

Update of your App Content:

You have to update your app at regular intervals. In order to retain your old customers as well for pulling in more new customers. It is due to the fact that smartphones users are fickle in nature, they will uninstall your app if they will not find something interesting in your app. Thus, your app should be updated constantly.

Cross-platform compatibility:  

Once you developed the basic app, your next task is the cross-platform compatibility of your app i.e. your app should be supported by all the mobile Operating systems. So that you will be able to generate more and more additional visitors. Remember, developing an app for all the platforms will cost you more. It will lead to more time and effort.  You need to think that your net profit would be more than your actual budget.


Before going into developing an app for your business, consider all the above mentioned points. Only go ahead when you are pretty sure that you will succeed in the mobile world and will be able to attract a maximum number of customers.

Author Bio:

Avan Vijayvargiya is a content writer at The Nine Hertz - an iOS app development company & has been working in writing industry since last 3 years. He is also a cricket lover by nature. He loves to experiment with writing, photography, cricket and skydiving. You can connect with him on Google+, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

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