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Ideal SEO Friendly Ecommerce Product Landing Page UI Design - FREE PSD

eCommerce landing page is an important key to conversion. If the product landing page is not optimized, or doesn’t have all necessary elements in it then it will not generate much profit to your business. Hence, it is important to design an eCommerce landing page that converts visitors into customer.

To help you with that Nine Hertz has designed an ideal SEO Friendly eCommerce Product Landing Page that is FREE for download.

This ideal eCommerce landing page contains 19 important elements as listed below:

1. Quick access to useful links

2. Product search option

3. Quick access to cart

4. Access to main navigation bar

5. Bread crumbs

6. Product Video/Images

7. Product Title

8. Discounted price

9. Seller information with services such as Free delivery & 30 day replacement guarantee

10. Scarcity of product

11. Other seller options

12. Recommended upselling & down selling combo offers

13. Recommended similar products

14. Rating and reviews

15. Video reviews

16. Download app option

17. Quick access to advantageous information

18. Social media links

19. Trust signals

eCommerce  landing page - Free PSD
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