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With the help of Aerogram App, users can login with their credentials. You can register with the application by entering basic details. Aerogram smartphone app users can login via. Facebook as third party login.

You can view the news feed of images/videos posted. Mobile app users can view images/videos posted in the last hour, last 3 hour. Last 24 hours a map based on geolocation of the images. You will be able to like the photos, comment on images or videos. You can report inappropriate post as abusive.

People who are using this smartphone application can use hashtags on images. They can click on the image to view in big.Mobile App users will be able to search image/videos by hashtags and users by username. You can follow the user.  Aerogram mobile app users can capture image and videos, able to apply filters on the image/video. You can download this superb Aerogram mobile application from App store.

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