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Executive Summary of Airbnb Clone Script

Airbnb clone is a web based online vacation rental script and a web rental system that offers an exclusive platform for people who are seeking for accommodation like beach rentals, condo & home rentals across the world. It is a ready-made vacation rental management software, designed for the entrepreneurs who wish to start an online rental website. It provides a well organized way to get success in the travel business industry.

Nine Hertz has built an Airbnb clone script that integrates all the functionalities and features of popular vacation rental business website The main aim behind our Airbnb clone script is to ease the entire process of searching and booking the accommodation online, that can save the valuable time of both users and business owners.

For vacation rental business owners, the Airbnb script offers a complete control over the online management of property and booking system with no need of advanced technical knowledge. The clone script can be easily installed on the server with full security and the owners can access it from anywhere at any time all over the world. The wide range of innovative features in our vacation rental script offers a lot of advantages for business owners and also provide a better way to interact with the customers.

What you get in Airbnb Clone Script?

However, you can find a lot of vacation rental clone scripts in the market, but if you are looking for a platform that take your business to the peak level without spending a lot of money, then Nine Hertz Airbnb clone script will be the best choice for you. We have embedded a broad range of advanced features in our Airbnb clone which are beneficial for both users as well as business owners.

Advanced Features

Customization Option

Our vacation rentals management system is highly adaptable and customizable according to the business standards, allowing a more convenient way to make the website attractive and eye-catching.

Property Management

Also, our lodging script source code provides an efficient way to list and manage the property any time from anywhere in the world.

Administrative Control

It also offers a full administrative control over all the activities and listings.

Advance Search

It has an advance search option for users so that they can quickly find or filter the properties and can book them immediately.


Nine Hertz vacation rental management system supports multiple languages to run the business in multiple countries

Social Logins

It has an advance search option for users so that they can quickly find or filter the properties and can book them immediately.

Responsive Design

It is compatible with all mobile devices that gives the better user experience.

Administrative Features

Site Settings

Admin can change the global settings and manage the meta of the website.

E-mail Settings

Admin can prepare an email template about the latest offers and discounts on trips and can send it in bulk.

Member Management

If the admin find any illegal activity by user, then he has the privileges to ban the user. He can check the status of all the members with the last login date and can edit their personal or login details.

Amenity Management

The admin can add, view or remove the amenities through our vacation management system.

Payment Settings

Nine Hertz vacation rental management system supports multiple languages to run the business in multiple countries.

About Us

Airbnb is a well-known vacation rental website that helps users to book accommodation like beach houses, condos, houses, cabins, bungalows, villas etc across the globe. On this travel portal a person can register both as a host and as a guest. This online reservation website offers functionality for hosts to list their property and manage it with full rights. On the other hand a guest can book the listed property within a few steps.

These days vacation rentals websites like,,,,, etc are growing very fast. These rental websites have achieved a great success in the travel business market in recent years. This growing popularity of the travel business is motivating people to establish their own apartment rental website. Investing in such kind of business is a great option to be a successful entrepreneur.

But, instead of spending time and money in developing an entire new vacation rental business website, it is good to prefer open source vacation rentals templates or scripts that are available at affordable prices in the market.

Nine Hertz has developed an Airbnb clone or called Booking clone, Expedia clone which is similar to vacation rental websites. It offers the same features of Airbnb along with some additional specifications. The source code of Airbnb script provides online reservations of the property in a quick way to users. A host can also manage his property listing through this open source vacation rental software, he can add basic features, extra features, maps, address, photos, videos, coupon codes, discount offers and many more things.

The owner of the property listing can access it anytime he wants, also he can make changes and see the results immediately. To do that, the owner doesn’t need to have any technical knowledge as the structure & source code of this Airbnb clone is user friendly and provides all the features within a few clicks.

Also, Nine Hertz Airbnb clone’s source code enables the business owners to customize it and prepare a whole new vacation rental website according to their requirements. It offers a plenty of smart features that provide the chance to flourish a business across the world.

The owner can also save their valuable money and time as they don’t need to hire any manpower to manage their rental website. The owner himself can easily make the necessary changes in his house listing. He can add new properties, alter some information on existing property and remove it completely.

It is a ready-made vacation rental management software, designed for the entrepreneurs who wish to start an online rental website. This vacation rental management script provides great benefits such as 100% security, no copyright issues, SEO friendliness, smart search, several payment gateways, social sign in, multilingual capabilities, coupon code system and many more.

Nine Hertz also commits to deliver some extraordinary features along with Airbnb clone like FREE Bug fixing, testing, maintenance and support for 3 months after the deployment of the script. Some extra features of this open source online rental software like on time delivery, project monitoring over demo server, timely reports, complete help make it the best Airbnb clone among competitors.

Additional Features

Calendar Management

The calendar shows the entire schedule of reservations, property availability, rentals agreements, check-in and checkout timings etc.

Integration of Google maps

Our rental management system allows the integration of Google maps so that the customer can find the location easily.

Message Communication System

A better way to communicate that bridges the gap between the host and guest.

Coupon Code System

Provide a great way to reward the customers with a discount on any product or order.

100% secure payment Transaction

With our secure payment options there is no need to worry about the security.

Fully Open Source

The source code of our lodging script is 100% open source, customizable and modifiable

List the Space

If someone has a vacant rooms or house, he has the opportunity to make money by giving them on rent with the agreement of the host.

Easy Installation

The hotel booking script can be easily installed on your server with full security

Free of bugs and Errors

Bug and error free software with 100% surety.

Airbnb Clone FAQ

  • What is Airbnb Clone?

    Airbnb Clone is a replica of a vacation rental & lodging website or you can call it as Airbnb template. The Airbnb clone open source script offers full features of original website with some unique and trending rental site features.

  • Will you install this clone of Airbnb on my server?

    Yes, we will securely install this vacation rental script on your server, as per the request but applicable charges would be required.

  • Is it possible to customize this rental software?

    Yes, the source code of this Airbnb clone script is fully customizable.

  • Do Nine Hertz offer customization services?

    Yes, Nine Hertz offers customization services at a competitive cost. You can ask us for customization according to your need and we will be happy to do that.

  • Do you offer any demo of the clone?

    Yes, Nine Hertz offers you to look at live demo to help you to get a detailed idea about the vacation rental management software/script.

  • What is the version of your script’s demo?

    Our hotel booking script demo is always the latest version. Whenever we upgrade the script version we replace the old demo with the latest one.

  • Do you offer discount coupons?

    Yes, Nine Hertz occasionally offers discount coupons on festivals such as Christmas, New Year Eve, Halloween, etc. For more information you can contact our customer care executives before making any purchase.

  • What are the payment modes you offer to buy this vacation rental software?

    We offer three payment modes (1) PayPal (2) Credit Card (3) Debit Card

  • Can I pay later?

    Sorry, we do no offer pay later options.

  • What is Nine Hertz’s Refund Policy?

    In some circumstances we may offer refunds. For example, if there is a technical issue with our website or payment failure etc. However, we provide a demo link from where you can check the whole clone script, so we suggest you to go through the whole demo before making a decision to purchase the script.

  • If I find a bug, will you fix it on my website?

    Yes, Nine Hertz will be happy to help you assist with any issues regarding the rental script.

  • Can I use this Airbnb clone lodging script forever without any extra payments?

    Yes, we provide you complete source code which you can use forever. You don’t have to pay extra for using it year by year.

  • Will I get the full source code of Airbnb Clone?

    Yes, you will get the full source code of our Airbnb Clone vacation rental management system.

  • When will I receive the package of this lodging script?

    As your order gets confirmed, our website will redirect you to the download page. From there you can download the full package of the open source Airbnb script.

  • How will I know about the latest version of this Airbnb clone?

    We will notify you whenever we launch an updated version of Airbnb clone.

  • What if I still have a question?

    Nine Hertz provides 24*7 support to help you solve your query. We value our clients and always happy to help them. You can contact us anytime you want or chat with a live agent.

  • What other clones do you offer?

    Nine Hertz offers several other open source website clones such as Etsy, OLX, LinkedIn, Instagram etc. To get more information about these you can visit our product page.

  • What other services do you offer?

    Nine Hertz offers many IT services such as mobile app development, web development etc. You can visit our portfolio page to check our past work before you request a quotation.

Reasons to opt for Nine Hertz Airbnb Clone

Our Airbnb clone script offers a great way to run the vacation rentals & lodging business and provide a better opportunity to reach the customers across the world who are looking for accommodation. We have built a user friendly and interactive platform by integrating latest technologies and tools that offers a more convenient way to book the property online. We have used the best practices to design and develop the Airbnb clone so that the vacation business owners do not need to face any problems in managing the entire system.

Here is a list of some great reasons to choose our Airbnb clone

Easily Modifiable

This lodging script is flexible, you can easily modify it according to your business needs.

Highly Optimized for SEO

The vacation clone script is already SEO optimized in order to serve the fast indexing in all major search engines.

Various Payment Gateways

The smart search options are given the opportunity to filter the searches and help to find the destination place quickly.

100% Secure

The clone is free from bugs and fully tested with 100% security.

Smart Search Options

The smart search options are given the opportunity to filter the searches and help to find the destination place quickly.

Android and iOS App

We are also developing Android and iOS applications for our hotel booking script or vacation rental Airbnb which will enable users to use the functionality of the website on their smartphones too.

Free Maintenance

Nine Hertz provides free maintenance and support for 1 months after the delivery of the script.

A Number Of Variations of Airbnb Clone Solution have been deployed by Nine Hertz

With our open source rental management software you get several listing options such as

House Rental Listing

If someone has a vacant house, beach rental places, rooms or flat, he can list it for rent and can earn money.

Hostels and Paying Guests Listings

List the hostels and Paying guest for students who want a peaceful environment for study.

Vacation Rental Listing

The hotel booking script allows to schedule an entire trip from check-in to check out

Property Listing

Provide the source of earning extra money by listing of property at reasonable prices.

Restaurant Listing

One can list the restaurant and can attract more customers with delicious food.

Events Listing

List and promote the events organized on special occasions and encourages the people to participate in it.

Tattoo Artists Listing

List the tattoo artists who are expert in decorative and beautiful tattoo design


User Features

End User Features Description
SIGN UP User can sign up through

Facebook, Twitter, Google, Email id

SIGN IN User can sign in through

Facebook, Twitter, Google, Email id


Destination, Check In and Check Out dates, No. of Guests, Price slider, Property type

MESSAGE SYSTEM Inbox for each user
HOST Host has following functionality
Manage List

Edit Listing, View Listing, View Calendar, Delete Listing, View Statistics

Reservations Policies

Refund Policies, Cancellation Policies


Upcoming trips, Previous trips, Current trips, Starred items, Printable


Notification, Payment methods, Transactions history, Refer all from Facebook or Email, Wishlist


Edit Profile, Review & Recommendations

LANGUAGE SETTING User can change Language preference
COMMENTS zUser can comment through Facebook also
CURRENCY SETTING User can set currency preferences

Admin Features

End User Features Description

Global Settings,
Language Settings,
Manage Meta


Email template,
Mass Email Campaigns


Ban User,
Unban User,
Search user by name/mail


Destination, Check In and Check Out dates, No. of Guests, Price slider, Property type

View amenities


Add property type,
View property type


Manage cities,
Manage places,
Manage category,
Manage post
Manage photograph,
Manage tags,
Manage local knowledge

PAYMENT SETTING Manage Payment Gateway,
Commision setup

Facebook connect,
Twitter connect


Nine Hertz services for deployed solution of Airbnb Clone – Vacation Rental Script

Free Bug Fixing & Testing

With this clone script you get a FREE bug fixation and testing.

Free Maintenance and Support for 3 months

We commit to provide free support for 3 months after the deployment of the script.

On Time Delivery

The Airbnb Clone delivers on time as it is ready made.

Project Monitoring Over Demo Server

Nine Hertz delivers the projects and provide monitoring on the demo server.

Timely Reports

Our expert team monitors the project regularly on the server and generate timely reports.

Complete Help

Complete direction with the recent trends in the industry considering the Airbnb clone open source solution.

100% open Source

The source code is 100% customizable and modifiable.

SEO Friendly URL’s

The URLs are highly optimized so that the website can be easily crawled and indexed by the major search engines.

Stripe Payment Module

The vacation lodging script provides several payment gateways for safe transactions.


This vacation rental management system works with numerous languages to operate the business in different countries.

Coupon Code System

The script has a coupon reward system that attracts more customers.

Social Sign-In

Airbnb clone provides a social website login that makes it easy for a user to sign up.

Why to choose Nine Hertz for Airbnb clone?

  • Professionals

    200+ dedicated & experienced professionals

  • Support

    24*7 customer support

  • Satisfaction

    100% client satisfaction

  • Communication

    Seamless communication through voice call, video conferencing, chat, Email

  • Experience

    +7 Years of experience

Why Nine Hertz?

Nine Hertz is a mobile App, web development & clone development company which has 7+ years of experience in keeping its client happy. We discover the advanced technologies & latest techniques favorable for our clients & release them upgrades. At Nine hertz, we offer dynamic customization, friendly support team which provides excellent services across the globe.

If you want to purchase this Airbnb clone for your business OR If you have any queries related to the Airbnb clone script.

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