4 Profitable Mobile Apps Marketing Metrics

Written by Hemendra Singh on December 10, 2016 | Updated on: August 5, 2021

4 Profitable Mobile Apps Marketing Metrics

When it comes to mobile apps marketing, it is very necessary to know how your mobile application (Android & iOS) is performing & how many users are delighted using your smartphone app. Engagement of mobile app users is very important in order to build new versions of the app & include some advanced features.

These Android and iOS mobile app development metrics helps app owner in many ways, it gives them proper information about mobile app users, how an application is used by the users, individual section in which users bounce back, a section that is not necessary for a mobile app, mobile app speed & performance, etc.

According to localities, around 22% of downloaded apps are not used more than once. There are many reasons behind this type of user behavior. Might be possible, users are not getting the joy or outcome as per their expectations from the smartphone application.

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If your smartphone app is not performing well or your competitor’s mobile app is providing a better user experience and functions then mobile app users will stop using your phone app & move on to a new application that has much more advanced features and better UI/UX.

In such situations, it becomes mandatory to track the user engagement, your app’s performance so that you can find out the flaws of your app. To help you with that we have featured 8 mobile app stats that you should measure to increase the overall ROI of your iPhone or Android app.

The List of Top Mobile Apps Marketing Metrics

ARPU (Average Revenue Per User)

Average Revenue Per User is the total amount of revenue contributed by your active users. ARPU varies from App to App. ARPU is solved with the sum amount of phone app revenue generated in a specific time period divided by the number of engaging users actively use your app in that specific time.

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ARPU= Total revenue generation in specific time/Total number of active users in specific time period

ARPU is calculated on a monthly basis, but most mobile app owners and marketers take reports on a weekly or daily basis. In one month the average app only retains 25% of its customers. ARPU used with retention are very helpful for predicting lifetime value (LTV).
If your mobile app user generates $0.20 per month & it is retained almost for a year. The predicted lifetime value of that specific person is $0.20*12 = $2.40. ARPU can be used to calculate the budget of your mobile apps marketing services.

Engagement Metrics

Engagement metrics basically depends on three major factors session length, session interval, and retention rate.
Session length is considered as the time period between an application open and close. It provides you information about time spent by the user on your Android or iPhone application. The more users are engaged with your mobile app the longer will be the session length.

Session intervals are considered as the time between the user’s first session & the next session. It provides information that how frequently your mobile app is used by the users.

Retention is calculated as the percentage of users who return to your smartphone app based on their very first visit.

If you want your app to be successful, then analysis of engagement mobile apps marketing company is very important & helpful in all possible ways.

Trust Ratio

This approach is very useful for the mobile app, you can use an in-app survey prompt for your mobile application users to ask them: “Do you trust this mobile app?” This prompt will have three options like “ I do”, “I don’t” and “Cancel the prompt”.

This user trust ratio is the percentage of customers who clicked on “Yes I do” who trust the mobile app. This poll will be helpful to know how many customers actually trust your mobile application. Now question prompts in your mind, how to calculate this trust ratio for your iOS or Android app. Here, we go:

How to calculate “Trust Ratio”

Trust Ratio = No. of users who trust your app/No. of users who seen the survey prompt

Uninstall Tracking Metric

This metric is useful in measuring who uninstall your smartphone application and getting them back to your mobile application. It gives you information about the number of users who uninstall your mobile app, installs mobile app & daily activation to get proper information on your app growth.

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This uninstalls mobile metric gives you information about your iPhone and Android app uninstalls & you can work on this metric to get your user back.

Final Words

Measuring & optimizing for the right mobile apps marketing metrics is the key to keeping the user engaged with your mobile application. These profitable mobile apps marketing metrics help individuals, iPhone app development companies, android app development companies to improve revenue, user experience & conversions for their mobile applications. These metrics give you complete delight and lets you decide about app redesigns, UX changes, stronger funnels, marketing campaigns. If you follow these mobile app metrics then you will get a high ROI, also you can make your app successful.

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