5 Ways Social Media Changing SEO

Written by Hemendra Singh on July 10, 2016 | Updated on: July 10, 2016

5 Ways Social Media Changing SEO

Many people have a common question in their mind, whether there a need for social media to get better rank in Google search results. Is social media changing SEO?

If you ask this question to 10 people, you will get the 10 different answers. It shows that there is a huge confusion about the role of social media optimization in SEO.

After the inception of several Google algorithms, the SEO is not limited to creating many backlinks. A lot of new ranking factors have been introduced in recent years, Social Media is one of them & has become an important part of SEO.

However, social media do not affect your website’s ranking directly, but indirectly it helps to get organic traffic as well as the rankings.

social media changing seo

Yes, Social media changing SEO, Here are the five ways that illustrate Social Media and SEO are working together to improve your website’s presence in the SERP (Search Engine Result Page).


#1. Social Sharing Helps in Building Links


Link building is an old way to get higher ranking in Google search results. In recent years, it has become very important to have a clean and high-quality backlink profile and social media can really help in building that.

Let’s see how to assume that a brand posts a video of a new product. This video is shared by 50 twitter users, one of those Twitter users is a blogger and he likes your video very much. Now he decides to write a blog post about your product and place a link back to your website. You see how social media created an opportunity for a backlink.

The link with more tweets, likes, and shares get more visibility in Google search results, thus it gets more chances of earning backlinks.


#2. Personalization & Google +1s


According to a study of ranking factors, it is confirmed that Google+1 is playing an important role in SEO. Also, the personalization feature of Google+ improves the chances of getting a post rank higher.

When you are logged in to your Google account and search something, most of the time you will get the most relevant personalized search results.

For Example, when I search for “Incredible India” on Google then it shows me personalized results along with a Google+ post shared by Lonely Planet India. It happened because I have circled Lonely Planet India on Google+


#3. Social Media Profile’s Effect on Your Business


Creating the social profile for your company or brand will definitely influence your website’s visibility in SERPs. If you have created a well build a social business profile, on Facebook, Twitter and other sites with all important details and information, then it will help you to increase customers as well as traffic.

There are several factors that help business profiles on social media:

>> If a visitor does not know much about your company or brand, then he will directly go to the Facebook or Twitter page in order to get the brief information about your services, products, business hours etc.

>> Users find it a bit convenient to check social profile instead of navigating entire website’s pages to get the necessary information.

>> If someone is looking for the working hours of a local business, then a Facebook or Google+ page can provide quicker information than the official website.

Above factors show the power of social media channels and how they help people to find out the latest information about a company.


#4. Social Media Reviews Affect Your Business Authority


Do online reviews make your business better? The answer is absolute “yes” for several reasons listed below.

>> According to a recent study of Search Engine land it was revealed that 79 % of customers believe in online reviews for the best services and products.

>> By reviews, the customer will know about the good or bad experience about your business or products. This helps to create new potential customers.

>> 88% of customers check out the reviews before buying any product.

>> It helps to build a reputation and trust for your business.

>> Reviews on local business can help you to prove that your business is great by the pool of competitors.

Above facts show the importance of reviews, social media sites like Facebook and Google+ display reviews on the business pages, it helps people to get the honest opinion about their services and product. So you should take advantage of this method of building credibility.


#5 Social Media Impact an Author’s Social Reputation


Search engine Google and Bing both consider an author’s social reputation as an SEO ranking signal. Factors like the number of posts per day, number of mentions per day, follower ratio are strong social signals that help an author rank higher in search results.


The Bottom Line


Based on above five factors we can say that social media changing SEO landscape. In fact, search engine optimization has now become “Social SEO” and you can’t rely solely on SEO to get the maximum outcome, you also have to stay active on social media websites, pay attention to your followers.

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