7 Mobile App Analytics Tools To Track Your App’s Performance

Written by Hemendra Singh on October 25, 2016 | Updated on: October 25, 2016

7 Mobile App Analytics Tools To Track Your App’s Performance

Do you know how many users have downloaded your mobile app, how much ROI your mobile app is able to generate, how users behave when they use your application?

If your answer is no, then you need to dig into mobile app analytics to know how well your mobile application is performing.

To analyze your mobile app behavior, here is a list of 10 most effective tools along with their introductory videos. By using these tools, you can find out the weak points of your mobile app as well as the solutions for how you can make it even better. But before you know about these tools, we want to discuss some important mobile app metrics that need to be measured while analyzing the app behavior.

Important Mobile App Metrics That You Should Consider

App analytics tools

App Users

Tracking your mobile app users is the best way to know their requirements. It gives a good understanding about the line of actions users is doing on your mobile app & much more. Once you have an idea about a user’s taste, you can improve your app very easily.

Session length

Session length indicates how much time the individual users are spending on your mobile app. If you think the average session length is short then you can make some adjustments in your app so that users spend more time on your app.

App Acquisition

The acquisition gives you the information about the users who downloaded and installed your mobile application either from a specific location, paid campaigns or in-app referrals.

App Retention

App retention is counted as the percentage of users who retains with the application after installing it.


Activation refers to the first experience with your application.

By analyzing metrics you can easily figure out the ideas to enhance & further develop your iOS mobile app. Once you become familiar with mobile analytics tools and it’s metrics, you can easily convert your ordinary users into active app users.

Now let’s take a close look at 7 mobile app analytics tools to improve your smartphone app performance.

Flurry Analytics




Flurry is one of the best app analytics tools available in the market today. Since Flurry also has an ad network, the user can get insights on their ad performance & detailed user acquisition reports.

This tool is compatible with various mobile app platforms like iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows phone and mobile web. It also gives you information about sessions, session length, frequency, retention, active users and much more. You can measure all the important data related to your mobile application with Flurry analytics tool including the user activities and other metrics. In 2014 Flurry was acquired by Yahoo.

Platform Compatibility: Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry, Java ME

Price: Free


→ Detailed & extensive

→ You can create up to 10 custom dashboards


→ Quite Confusing, need a lot of clicks to find the information

→ Difficult to find errors

Apple App Analytics




Apple recently released its own app analytic tool in 2015, to measure the performance and user engagement of iOS applications. With Apple app analytic, you can track the information like app store views, usage and sales data, sources from where the users are coming to your app, retention rates and much more. Recently, Apple has extended its analytic features to support tvOS.

Apple Analytics is one of the best tools for iOS platform. It provides detailed insights of the applications to achieve desired goals in short span of time. This tool is only compatible with iOS & not available for other platforms like Android, windows etc.

With this smart iOS App analytic tool you can easily identify which websites refer the maximum users to your app. You can try this mobile app analytics tool to see insights of your iOS mobile application which will help you to increase your overall mobile app ROI.

Platform Compatibility: iOS

Price: Free


→ You can discover which websites refer the most users


→ Available for the only iOS

Apsalar – App Science




Apsalar is a mobile app analytics firm, incepted in May 2010. It is developed with a goal to deliver best possible results to app marketers and app developers. Apsalar focuses on providing in-depth ROI metrics.

This tool helps you to track user analytics and handle your app advertising with one tool. Apsalar is focused more on advertising attribution. This gives a good look at your marketing ROI. With Apsalar, you can find which marketing campaigns are doing best and which marketing campaigns are just waste of time.

The apsalar tool can give you detailed insights of Mobile App. People can achieve their business goals easily with this superb mobile application analytics tool.

Platform Compatibility: Android & iOS

Price: Free


→ Provides analytic across multiple apps

→ Create events & funnels

→ Customizable dashboard gives you the data you want now & first


→ Available in private beta





Appsee is a paid iOS app analytic tool that comes with some different feature such as session recording, playback, crash recordings and in-app analytic. This tool provides better data about the app that help to maximize customer engagement. Appsee SDK is simple and easy to setup in your mobile application. This tool provides the online dashboard for better accessibility of the app performance.

Appsee automatically creates events based on user interaction with your application & you can create funnels based events. This tool is available in free well as paid version but free version comes with some limitations.

Platform Compatibility: iOS and Android

Price: Free version is available with limited features. You can request pricing for premium packages.


→ The SDK is easy to setup & integrate


→ Premium package is necessary to access full features





Localytics is one of the leading mobile app analytics tools. It was incepted in 2009 with a clear goal to provide services via. sophisticated app analytical tools. Localytics effectively supports 6,000+ users and more than
2.8 billion devices.

Localytics mobile app analytic tool can help you to make your user base stronger. It serves to businesses such as ESPN, Marvel, Temple Run, eBay etc and support platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows phone, blackberry & HTML5. Some of its great features include users and session views, app usage information. ScreenFlow, A/B Testing, funnel, and segments.

Platform Compatibility: Android, iOS, Windows phone, Blackberry

Price: Localytics is free for up to 10K monthly active users and then pricing starts from $200 per month.


→ You can get an overview of each one with the number of sessions or users.

→ Unlimited apps in the free version


→ No funnels/filters/session length in free version





Mixpanel is an app analytics company, established in 2009, San Francisco, the US by Suhail Doshi & Tim Trefren. This company is focused on creating a strong solution that helps app owners to understand their user’s behavior by tracking their actions. This company built tool Mixpanel for mobile app analytics to get the information of mobile application insights.

Mixpanel offers both web and mobile app analytic solution. To track your mobile app visitors interaction, it offers the features like real-time data analysis, funnel analysis, in-depth analysis & cohort analysis to track retention. It also allows to the link between the web users & mobile users, so that you can the understand retention statistics of your website.

Platform Compatibility: iOS and Android

Price: Mixpanel pricing strategy is little different, it is based on data points. Basically, its pricing plans consist of engagement plan and people plan. You can get more pricing information from here.


→ Easy to create funnels
→ Allows in-depth analysis


→ Limitations with free version

App Annie Analytics




Founded in 2010, App Annie is one of the best app analytic tool used by more than 700,000 applications. After its integration with Google analytic, it started to support the other app stores including Apple, Amazon, and Windows.

This Mobile app analytics tool not only tracks user activity but also tracks app sales. With this super analytic tool, you can check your app data from iTunes, Google plays such as mobile application downloads, revenue, rating, review & rankings. This mobile app analytics tool is easy to use and implement.

Platform Compatibility: Android, iOS, Windows

Price: In free versions, you can view store stats, for more plans visit the pricing page.

Pros :

→ Useful for publishers as well as developers
→ Exclusive dashboard
→ Advertising analytic


Limited features with free plan

Wrapping it up:

Which analytic tool you are going to use for your mobile app? Are you directly choosing any tool or would like to perform A/B testing to find out the best one.

Ultimately, the choice would be based on your mobile app as well as the budget. You should first analyze the features of each analytic tool and then make the selection wisely with the consideration of all your requirements.

If you think of any other effective mobile app analytics tool, feel free to add in the comments below.

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