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7 Vital Ingredients that Affect Mobile App Development Cost

Written by
Hemendra Singh on November 21, 2016
updated on: July 30, 2021
7 Vital Ingredients that Affect Mobile App Development Cost

Today we are transmigrating in an age where our brooding is not possible without a mobile or electronic tablets, laptops, iPods, gadgets, – the list is limitless. Almost everything you can do with a smartphone application whether you want to book your tickets or it is the payment of your bill, you can easily manage such things with the smartphone application. Thus, small and medium-sized businessmen are also concentrating on developing a smartphone application for their enterprise. But still, the prime question is that how you will develop a smartphone application.

You have to learn well about the whole mobile app development code for smartphone application development, but it is quite a tough task to learn the whole due to its time and difficulty constraints.

You have to hire mobile app developers and experts who know well about the code. Also, you have to know well the factors that affect the cost of mobile application development so that you don’t be misled. Refer to the factors mentioned below:

Factors That Impact Your Mobile App Development Cost

Custom add-ons

If you are developing a customer-centric app, you may want to increase your traffic so that you can increase your ROI. For this, you have to integrate add-ons into your application but the Mobile app development cost will increase which depend on the add-on which you want to use.
For example, if you want Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn integration with your application, these social media integrations have robust APIs so that you have to pay the additional price for these add-ons.

Security features

User authentication and authorization increase the cost of mobile app development. For the enterprise apps, you have to integrate secure login with secure access. This requires some extra efforts and coordination between the application development team and the enterprise system development team to ensure seamless integration and thus the cost of smartphone app development will increase.

Distribution of Smartphone Application

There are multiple distribution channels for the app submission and you have to pay the extra app submission cost that depends on that particular channel.
For example, Google play store and iTunes charge $100 for the license costs because the app requires approval by its hosts to ensure security and standards. Thus the mobile app development cost will increase.

Device and Operating System

The cost of Mobile app development depends on the device and operating system for which you are developing that app. If you are developing an app that can run across all the platforms then the cost of app development would be less but if you want a separate app for each platform you have to pay the extra development cost for each platform.

The 25-50-25 rule

According to the rule of 25-50-25, the first 25 percent of the whole app development process involves discovery, defining app functionality, understanding business flow, and developing screen mockups, we can say it is simply the prototyping step.

The second 50 percent is dedicated to designing and technical development of the application itself that includes the enterprise system integration. In this phase, the development team does testing and debugging of the application.

The final 25 percent involves full integration of the application which includes usability testing, descriptions, artifacts, screenshots, etc. These 3 rules have their separate cost and may vary from one application to another.

In-app purchases

In-app purchases are also an effective medium to attract additional visitors. Users have to pay extra for these purchasing and this will lead to the mobile app development cost if you are giving the functionality of in-app purchases to the customers.

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Support and Enhancements

The mobile application development process does not end with the sole development of the app. After the development phase, user feedback, problems, suggestions, and enhancement requests come.

In this process, if negative feedback comes from the user ends, the development team will be responsible for this, they will have to fix that bug. Thus companies retain the application developers for a month after the development completes so that they can recheck the product and thus, the cost of the whole process increases.

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The mobile application market has shown tremendous growth in recent years. Nowadays small grocers are also looking to develop mobile applications for their enterprises due to the fact that mobile app development is a great way to create and increase business value.

In this whole process, the most vital factor is that you have a deep understanding of the ingredients that affect the cost of app development. You have to know well the above-mentioned factors.


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