8 Ultimate Mobile App Marketing Stats You Must Know

Written by Hemendra Singh on July 14, 2017 | Updated on: July 14, 2017

8 Ultimate Mobile App Marketing Stats You Must Know

The continuous growth of smartphones and apps strongly indicates that mobile app industry has a bright future. Nobody could have imagined that the smartphone will become an essential part of life & we will feel incomplete without it. It is truly an amazing scenario when we compare this current digital era with the inception of smartphones.

From mobile app development to its launch, it all need to get a deep insight of the current market statistics so that you can plan your marketing strategy accordingly. The time when smartphones were born, one could quickly dive into the hundreds of statistics and measure what things are rocking in the industry and what should be the next strategy.

But, the competition is growing year over year which leaves you scratching your head to be really sure about the next marketing plan. Sometimes it is disappointing when you don’t find anything useful in the tons of statistical reports available on the internet, that can add value to your mobile marketing plan.

Thus, you need to spend many hours on exploring the trending metrics about the smartphone market and how it is going to perform in the upcoming years. To help you with that, we have researched and prepared a compilation of useful mobile app statistics that can actually help you to create a smart app marketing strategy.

Mobile Marketing Statistics That has Highly Influenced the Market in 2015

This whole article includes some important stats reported in 2015 as well as the predictions about the mobile industry in the coming years.

Mobile subscription has overtaken the world’s population in 2015

Smartphones have become the primary source to quickly access the internet. No other technology has ever ruled the digital world like the smartphone has done. Sounds Incredible, isn’t it?

According to Satista, in 2015, the total mobile subscriptions (7.4b) has outnumbered the world’s population (7.3b) and it is expected to rapidly rise in the forthcoming years.

More mobile Phone

Smartphone application usage grew 58% in 2015

As per the study conducted by Flurry Analytics, the smartphone app usage grew by 58% in 2015.

Here is what the analytics actually says:

• The most interesting thing came out is that 40% of this 58% total smartphone application usage, was emanated from the existing users, which was recorded 20% only in 2014 and 10% in 2013.

• The biggest hike was seen in the app category ‘personalization’ which grew by 332%. News and magazines category was at the second rank covering 135% growth rate.

• The least growth of only 21% was seen in the category Music, Media & Entertainment.

mobile user growth

Total Time spent on Android apps skyrocketed in 2015

Smartphone apps are growing so rapidly that it has become one of the leading digital media platforms in the world. These days, people spent most of their time by using different apps on their mobile phones

App Annie reported that the total time spent on mobile applications increased by 63% in 2015 which sounds pretty amazing.

total time spent

Source: App Annie

A recent Flurry report reveals that US consumers spend more time on mobile apps than TV. We can say “smartphone screens are ahead from the TV screens”.

In 2014, the average time spent on mobile apps was 139 minutes and in 2015 it reached to 198 minutes a day i.e. 3 hours 18 minutes.

time spent mobile apps

2015 Black Friday traffic & sales outpaced the desktop for the very first time

In the last Black Friday, the consumers really enjoyed the holiday deals which raised the total sales by 21.5% compared to 2014 Black Friday. The major brands in the shopping list were LG, Samsung, Sony, Apple etc.

Move Over Desktop


2015 Black Friday infographic by IBM

Mobile Marketing Statistics That Will Drive The Future

These are some important statistics that predicts the growth and future of mobile app development in the coming days.

App Downloads: Google Play will be the leading store by 2020

However, Android play store has been always a winner in terms of a number of app downloads, App Annie reported that it will be the primary leader by the end of 2020 with 166.4 billion app downloads (almost triple of app downloads in 2015).

Mobile App Revenue: Apple iOS will touch the highest level in 2020

Despite Android being the winner in a number of app downloads, it still could not touch the revenue level of Apple. In 2015, the number of Android app downloads was twice of iOS apps, but still, Apple earned 75% more revenue.

Statistics says, that the gross annual revenue of Apple would be almost double than it was in 2015 by reaching at $44.8 billion in 2020.

mobile app annual gross revenue

M-Commerce buyers would cross 1 billion in 2018

Due to the convenient shopping as well as the easy payment transaction, the eCommerce, mobile industry is continually evolving with the new trends and technologies. Also, the users believe that they can get better options and deals with online purchasing. After owning the app only platform by Myntra, they got better customer experience than the website, which clearly indicates that users prefer smartphone application to purchase.

In 2012 the m-commerce buyers were only 210 million which is predicted to cross 1 billion by the end of 2018.

M commerce buyers


Global mobile Ad spending is amounted to surpass 195.55 billion by the end of 2019

With an average 3 hours spent by users on smartphones, the mobile ad spending is strongly contributing to change the face of the digital media market. The growing dependency of users on phones, greatly promoting the businesses to spend on mobile ads consequently which is giving a big rise to the mobile media market.

Insight from eMarketer’s mobile ad spending report says that, by 2019, the total smartphone ad spending would surpass 195.55 billion which was only amounted 68.69 billion in 2015.

mobile advertising

Source: eMarketer


We have almost entered into the mobile connected environment where the business market is majorly driven by smartphones. For the successful execution of your marketing strategy, no other platform is as powerful as the smartphones.

We are sure that the above compilation of mobile app statistics would be definitely useful for you to plan your next business marketing strategy.

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