How to Become a Pro WordPress Developer? [5 Essential Tips to Follow]

Written by Hemendra Singh on September 22, 2017 | Updated on: July 29, 2021

How to Become a Pro WordPress Developer? [5 Essential Tips to Follow]

Well, it will not be enough to call WordPress the largest Content Management system. Although, it can be optimized as the biggest platform for blogging it’s as proficient for website development as well. People stick to WordPress to get fully functional and easily customized websites with the help of a WordPress developer.

Almost 22.5% of total live websites are on WordPress, now you can imagine its popularity and use. Its robust features are constantly pushing big brands to optimize this amazing platform for their websites. Google, Time Magazine, eBay, Disney, Sony, The New York Times are some of the biggest brands that are hiring expert WordPress developers teams to rule the internet with their sites.

Developers who have decided to sharpen their skills in WordPress are quite lucky because it is easy to learn and understand. Here in this post, we are providing you with a brief yet informative guide to become prompt in WordPress development.

Guide to Becoming Pro WordPress Developer:

Become a wordpress developer

Just try to know why it is being developed, when there are so many programming languages available to all of us to get desired web functionalities. What is the difference between WordPress and other languages? These questions once solved will let you on the path of learning WordPress.

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First of all, let us tell you that WordPress developer is very easy to learn, use, and buy. Try to know the composition of WordPress like what it is made up of. It is developed using programming languages – PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Some languages are also playing indirect roles in the composition of WordPress like XML or MySQL. If you want to learn WordPress then you must be familiar with all these areas.

There are two choices for you. First, become a meddler or secondly, become a student.

The Meddler

This is the way where you can pick anything to learn and from anywhere. You need not follow any sequence. Let yourself inflow and learn everything which crosses your path. What you are learning is touching another term, you can leave a section or start learning another and explore whatever comes in your route. Eventually, you will be the one who knows all ins and outs of the complete concept. Like you have started for PHP and suddenly hop into the CSS.

The Student

The pain point of learning in the meddler way is that you will be less controlled and less in format, structures, and basics. We can say that the meddler approach is good for one who doesn’t want to develop the website or may be interested in blogging more.

In the student approach, one has to follow a traditional learning approach such as learning basics first, deep chapters, followed by the coding tutorial and much more. First, a language must be completed before rushing to the development. Although this method takes time, it is beneficial too for the long-term developers because you have no option to leave the topic if you are not interested. You have to cover all the things and understand every aspect.

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Essential Tips to Become Expert WordPress Developer:

One hour reading a day

Success has no shortcuts. Spend at least one hour every day reading text on the web regarding WordPress. To become an expert developer, you must be a struggler who can cut out his/her favourite time to learn the concepts of WordPress. Hence, shut off your games, instant messengers, and even the TV and everything which is a drug of your life.

Furthermore, there is a lot of overwhelming content available on the Press. Thousands of bloggers are spending their crucial time to help you learn WordPress’s latest trends and functionalities by providing you easy content on WordPress from basics to heavy coding tutorials.

When you are going to start your WordPress journey, you have to be calm on one side and curious on another side. Find the top quality resources and get content to learn. Put your efforts to grasp everything from them and apply these things in your experiments.

Some of the best resources to get on –

  • WordPress Codex
  • WordPress Blogs
  • Books on WordPress

Yeah!! You can also do some experiments by creating a blog or a website. WordPress is free for you, so do not waste your time in thinking, just go for it. Make a stiff commitment and start right now.

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Make a Checklist

Based on the information which you have collected, you should use it to boost your skills. Make a list to learn things practically. Include some sure points like –

Tips to learn WordPress

  • Website hosting requirement
  • WordPress Semantics
  • Versions of PHP and MySQL
  • Web host compatibility
  • Text Editor
  • FTP Client Software

Understand the Technology

Get hands-on with the technology. For mastering WordPress development, you have to learn the technologies. If you are a pro WordPress developer, you must be an all-rounder in all the relevant technologies. You can focus on the following –


Explore PHP and MySQL to have a strong command of development concepts and functioning. Only a few tutorials will not work out for you instead learn from some really good sources like Explore the code base and read the documentation.

Gain the Work Experience

Meanwhile, you are a beginner; you can also start working as a fresher to learn things more closely. You can join a WordPress Development company. It is good for your career growth and will definitely add practical knowledge of working on the projects.

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In conclusion, as you are in your starting phase, no one will burden you to put extra skills into the project, instead, you will learn from your team. You have no stress to prove yourself at that time, your only work is to learn and let your little knowledge becomes wider and sharpened by helping others in the little tasks. In short, this will help you to stay motivated, conscious about your learning and you will end up as alike.

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