Managing Construction Sites | Construction Technology Trends 2018

Written by Hemendra Singh on September 17, 2018 | Updated on: September 17, 2018

Managing Construction Sites | Construction Technology Trends 2018

Today, almost every sector is progressing with the help of the technologies. Many technologies have benefitted the construction industry. The Internet of Things in the construction industry has improved the productivity. Moreover, the techniques can provide better control over the site. Implementing construction technology in mobile app development services, today, we can better manage the construction site jobs.

Technologies used to manage construction sites


1. Virtual Reality

VR stands for Virtual Reality. It is the technology which lets us enter an imaginative digital world in the real domain. It produces a creative world around ourselves, and we feel like the part of it. The virtual reality app development has many applications. One of its uses is the construction industry.

Let’s see the benefits of VR in the construction industry:

  • 3D Modeling

construction technology 3d modelling vr

Architects and Engineers use the BIM models to represent their construction model. The BIM model is a blueprint of the real structure. With the help of the BIM model, we will come to know how the architecture will look like after the completion. It is what we call 3D modeling.

VR plays a vital role in 3D modeling. With the help of VR, we can realize the 3D models of a building in real time. Also, we can show the customers the finished model of their homes when it is under construction. It is an excellent technology to raise the customers’ experience.

  • VR and customer experience

As explained, the VR technology lets us show the customers the modes of their homes. Moreover, we can also display the 3D models of other buildings like hospitals, schools, colleges, etc. to other clients. The VR technology will bring the vision of a client to the real life. They can see the live models of buildings before the construction.

  • VR and professional training

construction technology vr professional training

VR is also helpful in professional training. It helps to save both time and money. With the help of VR, companies can provide the on-site job training to their employees without having an actual visit to the site. Hence, VR is useful not only to save the time but also to save the money.

Apart from this, the fresh engineering graduates can also enjoy the live training experiences with the help of VR. It results in lowering the unemployment rate up to some extent.

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2. AR

AR refers to the Augmented Reality. The Augmented Reality is different from the VR technology. AR creates a digital 3 Dimensional view in the real world. The virtual stores are the best examples of this technology. Today, there are many AR apps available in the stores for the construction industry.

Some of the benefits that AR provides to the construction industry are:

  • Plan modification

construction technology ar plan modification

The AR technology offers easy plan modification. With the help of AR technology, engineers can quickly detect the flaws in the design. Also, AR makes it easier to modify the 3D model of a building.

  • The 3D Walkthrough feature

construction technology 3d ar walkthrough

It is the feature of the Augmented Reality by which companies can attract more customers. The AR technology lets customers take a virtual visit to the finished model of the building which is currently under construction. They can visit the model and analyze the model as a real structure.

Besides the clients, the 3D walkthrough feature is also helpful for the engineers. By visiting the model virtually, they can analyze it. It lets them find the minor faults which may cause the massive damage in future.

  • AR saves time and money

If a fault in design is detected in the middle of the project, or at the time when the project is going to complete, a massive amount of money and time may waste. It also lowers the reputation of the company.

The Augmented Reality helps in eliminating such scenarios. With the help of AR, designers and engineers can find the faults in design at the early stages. In this way, the companies can save their time as well as money.

3. Drones

Drones(one of the best construction technology gadget) have the highest importance in the construction industry. Let’s see some of the applications:

  • Survey

construction technology drone survey

Drones make the survey easier. They are most helpful in surveying the remote areas. They can visit the site of construction and record the videos on the site. Alternatively, the companies can also use them to live stream at the construction site. With the help of drones, the site photography is easier than ever.

  • Project updates

Drones provide the live updates of the construction site. Drones connect company staff to the site engineers. It leads to a better report generation for the clients. Moreover, the project directors and clients will get the live updates about the construction site. Drones provide better control to the construction site.

4. IoT

IoT refers to the Internet of Things. It is the technology which connects various devices to one another via the internet. It lets the connected devices send and receive data.

Take an example of taxi app development, when you book a taxi service via an on-demand app, it sends the information to the taxis available in the nearby location. IoT has many applications in various sectors, one of which is the construction technology.

Let’s see some of IoT advantages in the construction industry:

  • Connected factory

construction-technology iot

In the construction industry, the automated machines work with the help of IoT. These machines communicate with one another. This construction technology helps the engineers and manufacturers to produce better output.

  • Safety

Safety of the employees is the primary concern of every industry. In the construction industry, IoT technology provides better safety facilities to the employees. For example, if any worker got an injury at the site, IoT will send the information. So that, he will get quick medical aid.

5. Advanced task management software

The internet has changed all the industries. Today, the industries are using the latest technologies to boost their productivity. The advanced task management software helps to manage the construction sites better.

construction-technology- task management software

Some of the uses of the task management app are:

  • It saves time

The task management software helps to save the time. With the help of this software, the company can assign the upcoming tasks to the engineers. So that, they can plan their schedule accordingly.

  • Better user experience

With the help of a task management app, the client can see the progress of the project. He need not contact the company every time to know the project update at the site. Apart from this, the office staff can also keep an eye on the construction site work. They can contact the site engineers anytime with the help of the task management app.

Not for the clients and office staffs, the software also benefits the site engineers. They can produce the digital reports with the digital signatures of the clients and send them to the company quickly.


The advancements in technologies have made our life more comfortable. Construction technology has increased the productivity and reduced the errors. The researches in the field of technology won’t stop.

The Virtual Reality helps in preparing the 3D model of a building. The clients can see the real models of their homes before the project is started. The AR lets clients take a virtual visit to the model of a building. Drones help to provide the medical help to the workers at the remote sites quickly. The advanced task management software help in assigning the scheduled tasks to the engineers. In the future, we will live a more comfortable life than today.

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