Points to Take Care while Developing a City Guide App

Written by Hemendra Singh on October 09, 2018 | Updated on: October 9, 2018

Points to Take Care while Developing a City Guide App

A city guide app is a type of travel app which provides the relevant information to the tourists. Such information contains nearby places to visit, popular attractions, accommodations, etc. Investing in this field is an excellent option to earn money.

In this article, we will discuss the points that you should care before starting the city guide app development.

What makes a city guide app popular?

This is a general question which defines the popularity of every app. Before developing an app, we should look at the factors that make it accessible in the market. The primary purpose of a city guide app is to provide accurate travel information. The app should be trustful and up to date.

It should contain all the necessary information that a tourist need while visiting a new place. For example, popular attractions, places to eat, hotels to stay, weather, etc. An app with all these data will become more popular among tourists.

Analyse your goals for city guide app development

Research on the internet and try to know your goals for city guide app development. There are many categories of a city guide app. Research on these categories and select the type of app which suits your business. We have listed some of the city guide apps in this article.

#1. Research the basic points

  • User needs

You are going to build a city guide app. Hence, it is better to know about the tourists. Research on the internet and make a list of the features that tourists generally look for in a city guide app. However, we have listed some of the essential features of this article.

You can take the help of user ratings and reviews. In the reviews, users mention the disadvantages and advantages of the apps. These points help you make a list of features that tourists usually search for.

  • Competitor research

You should also do competitor research on the internet. Install the best city travel apps on your smartphone and use them. Using the apps, you will come to know about the features they offer to their tourists. Note down these features in a separate notebook.

  • Choose your platform

City Guide App development platform

Research on the internet and note down the approximate cost of developing apps on different platforms. For instance, the rules for iOS application development is different from the Android application development. This will help you select the best platform for app development according to your budget.

  • Choose a development team

There are many mobile application development companies in the market. Do research and make a list of the features they offer along with their price of mobile app development. This will help you select the most affordable company. Instead, you can hire a freelance app developer for your project.


#2. Types of city guide apps

There are various types of city guide apps available in the market. Some of them are:

  • Augmented Reality travel app

AR City Guide App

The AR city travel apps take the users to the virtual trip of a city. Users can take virtual tours around the streets, hotels, restaurants, etc.

  • City sightseeing app

The main aim of this app is to provide the most critical information to the tourists. As the name implies, its main features include the most popular attractions, a list of most exciting tourist routes, etc. Besides this, the apps also contain bus and tram timetables.

  • City events app

As the name suggests, this type of apps provides the relevant information related to the events in a city. The list of all cultural events should be available in such apps. Also, these apps let users book their seats at a particular event.

  • Shopping guide app

This type of app provides information about departmental stores, shops, bookstores, groceries, etc. You have to type what you need to buy. It will then display the list of shopping places. It also shows the instructions to reach the shopping places.

  • Travel planner app

It helps you organise the travel plans, synchronising them with your calendar, etc. Besides, it also displays the hotels, flights, and other relevant information.

What should be the main goals of a city guide app

A city guide should focus on the following goals:

  • Provides the vital information about the city.
  • Shows the main attractions of the city.
  • It should have both online and offline maps
  • It should have the rating system to rate the tourist places.
  • Provide must provide the weather information.
  • Cover all the famous events in a city.
  • Also shows the travel tips.

Mandatory features for a city guide app

1. Places to visit

This is one of the features that are mandatory for every city guide app. The app should display all the relevant information regarding the best places to visit. If the app shows ratings set by various tourists, it is an added advantage to the app.

Also, try to write some content about the tourist places. The content should contain important information. For example, opening and closing time, cost of entrance tickets, etc.

2. Places to eat

This is another critical information which you should care while developing a city guide app. During a trip, tourists indeed search for the places to eat. Hence, it is good to embed such a facility on your app. Do not forget to add the traditional dishes of different places. Most of the tourists prefer the traditional dishes first.

3. Best places to stay

Generally, tourists book hotels in advance before planning a trip. However, if your app shows the relevant places to stay, this will increase your app’s popularity. Along with the places to stay, the app should also show their rent. So that, the tourists can select the affordable place to stay during their trip.

4. Nearby places

Do not focus only on the attractions of a particular place. Also, display the nearby places to visit. This will increase the user experience, and they help your app grow by rating it the five stars.

5. Maps

City Guide App map feature

This is an important feature. Do not forget to embed the map. The maps use GPS and guide us in our way. At a place where we are not native, maps play an important role. We have to add our destination, and the maps show us the shortest way possible to reach the destination.

Try to install both online and offline maps on your app. The offline maps are useful at the places having the network issue.

6. Translator

City Guide App language translator feature

At the foreign places. Language is the most significant barrier. To overcome this barrier, you should install a translator on your app. The language translator will help tourists establishing the communication.

Try to install both offline and online translators. The offline translator is necessary as it is independent of the mobile networks.

7. Weather info

Weather information is also an important feature to add on a city guide app. It lets tourists updated with the weather phenomena.
Nearby clinics or hospitals

If any tourist feels unwell, then there should be no difficulty in finding clinics or hospitals located in the city. The city guide app should contain information about all the best clinics located in a particular city.


Every tourist prefers a city guide app if he travels to the foreign place. The city guide apps make the trip comfortable. Development of the city guide apps is a significant step to grow your business.

So, if you want to automate your travel app process, then hire app developer for all your city guide application solutions.

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