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Why You have to Follow Top UI Trends and Redesign App for 2019?

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Hemendra Singh on October 23, 2018
updated on: October 23, 2018
Why You have to Follow Top UI Trends and Redesign App for 2019?

Designing a mobile app is a challenging job. When we talk about high-quality apps, people usually talk about development, coding, features, etc. Buy the very first thing noticed by users is the design. The design is the key to attract users. If the design is not appealing, there are chances of the user signing out of the app.

Design includes app icons. Icons are usually designed in such a way that it indicates the usage of the app. Let us take some examples. The app icon of Amazon has a shopping cart. The colors used in the logo are white and blue. The website also has the same colors. This helps the user recognize the brand easily and quickly.

The logo of WhatsApp is a chat icon. Also, WhatsApp has used green and white colors. The design of a logo or icon should indicate the primary function or objective of the app. Color combination is an essential factor to attract the target audience.

The app design gives the first impression, and hence it is imperative to focus on design. No matter what the app is about; problem-solving app, corporate app, e-commerce app, it has several numbers of competitors. What to do in such situations where you are offering something that is already offered by a bunch of competitors? Being beautiful can be a great help. Users like to access beautiful apps among various apps. Also, offering something unique can be beneficial. A mobile app with unique design can catch many eyes and become famous in less time.

What is UI?

UI stands for a user interface. A user interface is all about presentation. No matter how amazing your mobile app is, no matter what class features you offer, if UI is not perfect then the efforts are of no use. The UI design should be easy to use and pleasurable. UI includes label icons, buttons, alignment, color, brightness, and contrast. UI offers interactive on smaller screens of mobile and tabs.

As per a survey, 88% of mobile users do not continue the app if they get poor user experience.

Following all UI trends is essential.  Mobile app development company, as well as the business who are planning to develop a mobile app, must follow all app UI design trends. The apps which are built without implementing any latest UI trends look like an old app which no one wants to download.

What are the upcoming UI Trends?

ui trends mobile app opacity

Every user interface company must have the detailed knowledge of opacity. Opacity offers transparency and designing. The app looks pleasant when transparency is offered. Opacity also offers better space for text and other elements. Opacity settings help in adjusting different color combinations. Effect of transparency can be observed on elements as well as logos/icons.

ui trends mobile app overlapping

Overlapping has already become a trend in UI designs. The overlapping of font, graphics, shadows of logos and colors is entrenching. It helps interface becomes more exciting and eye-catching. Make most of the limited space available and add more dimensions to the 2D screen. Some audience expects more realistic designs. In this case, overlapping can be helpful. Designers can create simulated shadows to enable focus on some crucial elements.

ui design trends animation in mobile app

The animation is something that can turn the tables. Any mobile app without animations can also do well. However, adding animation makes the app look more attractive. Animations improve user experience and make the app more interactive. Animation can be used for fonts, images, buttons, and other graphics. Function type animation changes the element when a user interacts with it. Orientation space is another type of animation that is used to simplify the navigation. Other fun animations are used to make the app look appealing and attractive.

ui design app gradients

Color combinations vary in different apps. Some top app developers experiment with bright more colors and some experiment with fewer colors. Gradients are the new colors! It is a trend to combine geographical gradients with engaging graphics to give a new look to the app.

Colour gradients are a useful UI design tool used to fascinate users easily. UI designers use contrast color choice to highlight text. When text is more important, and designer wants the user to focus on it, simple design is used with a contrast-colored background. Such tricks are used when an offer has to be announced.

A study states that users tend to see the brightest colors first and then slowly move their eyes to the dark shades.

It is essential to understand the science. Designers should use the bright colors at introductory part or for logos. Use dark colors for call-to-action (CTA).

user interface design trends readability

There are many apps in the market that fail in spite of having great content or message. Designers of such apps might have ignored the importance of readability. Some apps are merely informative apps. In such apps, the user cannot order something or book any service.

The user can only access information. Content plays a vital role in such apps. In general also, content has great importance. What to do if you want the user to focus more on the content? The text should be readable.

To make text readable and appealing, it is important to use contrast colors for both. If the text is in a dark color, use light color background. If the text is in a light color, use a dark color background. Performance of the mobile app depends on content readability.

ui trends custom illustraion for mobile app

In the stock illustration, the designer does not get any uniqueness, and there is no sign of individuality. The popularity of custom illustration is increasing. Some popular types of custom illustration are hand drawing style, paper cut style, and painting style. By using custom illustrations, designers can easily communicate brand message to the end users.

Hubspot conducted a survey that showed 55% of users view online videos every day.

Users enjoy watching videos more than text. Video-based User Interface is becoming more and more popular these days. It is soon going to dominate the user interface of mobile app design. Users find watching videos exciting and exciting.

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Why is re-designing important?

Redesigning is very important, and it works. UI trends for the year 2019 are mentioned above. To implement these trends in your design, you have to redesign your app.

Redesign app brings a new look to the app. Many apps which are the same from years should redesign and add some new features. Some favorite apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram has done many experiments in designs. These favorite apps never fail to introduce something unique in their designs. Imagine if these apps never attempted redesigning? They would not be as popular as they are today.


There can be various reasons behind redesigning the app.

why redesign app is important

Any business keeps an eye on competitors. It is essential to understand all the strategies of competitors. If not done on right time, the app might look old-fashioned, and the company might lose users. If competitors are offering fresh design, you should also do that.

Some apps, unfortunately, face poor ratings and bad reviews. In this case, offering a new app can be a savior. Redesigning can be a good option in such a crisis.

Brands should try redesigning at the time of new product launch or new service launch.

Businesses attempt mobile app makeover at the time of rebranding. When the brand is getting new recognition, it is essential to offer a new face to apps and website.

While redesigning the mobile app, keeping it simple is the key. Many designers attempt to redesign the app but end up confusing users. Keeping it simple is the key. Focussing on personalization is essential. Users retain more on apps that offer personalization. The redesigned app should be easy to use and share on social media. This is a necessary thing in designing to integrate social media. Make a call to action (CTA) more appealing. The mobile app redesigning surely enhances user experience and app performance.


Businesses must focus on designs of the app they are planning to launch. Following trends in UI can be a great help to attract a new customer base. Companies that are already having mobile apps must consider redesigning the app or hire UI designer to achieve better performance.

Hemendra Singh

My name is Hemendra Singh. I am a Director and Co-founder of The NineHertz, IT Consulting Company. I am having a keen interest in the latest trends and technologies that are emerging in different domains. Being an entrepreneur in the field of the IT sector, it becomes my responsibility to aid my audience with the knowledge of the latest trends in the market.

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