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How to Make An Intelligent Chatbot or AI Chatbot?

Written by
Hemendra Singh on July 17, 2019
updated on: December 5, 2019
How to Make An Intelligent Chatbot or AI Chatbot?

Chatbots? Yes. These can be treated as the artificial human responding from the website to the users. It is an artificial intelligence implied to the websites to provide their client an outstanding environment of response for their queries.

Chatbots are now days available everywhere. You may find it on the website of a restaurant or on the web page of a travel agency. Following the storyline, there are many developers who have expertise in developing an AI Chatbot.

But, are chatbots really the future of web development?

Well, Chatbot can interact straightforward and are very capable enough to solve the issues right away. This AI Man should be that smart that it should take language inferences and then reply accordingly.

How to Develop an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Chatbot?

Chatbot development is not that easy as it has to offer great values and must be Intelligent. Firstly the criteria must be clear for building any Chatbot. The main aspect of the Chatbot is to solve the query with best possible answer.

Bluefish is someone who is growing very fast in the development of AI Chatbot. Development of Chatbots is usually segmented into two parts i.e. Rule Based Approach & Machine Learning. Both are typical in their own ways. Rule-Based Approach is something which requires slightly hard coding.

On the contrary, Machine Learning is what we call streaming data into the system for Chatbot to learn by its own. Afterwards, there comes the AI Chatbot. These are basically designed to resolve the problems of the client instantly with Intelligence.

Then comes the question “Which is the Best Platform to Host AI Chatbots”? So, here are some of the best platforms on which AI Chatbots can be installed successfully. These includes Facebook Messenger, Slack, Discord, Telegram, Kik, etc.

You must then decide which platform to choose and then choose which type of service will be required to build the Chatbot. Here is the list of the services that can be utilized for creating an AI Chatbot.

Now for those who are not good at programming skills can also develop their Chatbots using the platforms given below:

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Why Do We Need NLPs in Chatbot? Purpose Behind Development of AI Chatbots

NLP Stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming that teaches the Artificial Intelligence into a Chatbot. It helps in developing the sense of intelligence for answering the most relevant solution to the user query.

Let’s say, if a person is asking for Best Places to Eat to a Chatbot then it must revert with the best hotel in that area as the person is asking for food. This sense is generated by using the NLP feature in to the Chatbot.

Sources to Build NLP API:

What should be the Design for the AI Chatbot?

Now it depends totally upon the platform you have used to host your Chatbot. Below is a list of the design which can be utilized in designing any Chatbot.

  1. Buttons – The developer must use attractive action button so that customer can take quick actions. The Chabot must offers attractive button so that client may take quick actions on their query.
  2. Smart Reply – These are the already typed answer given in the form of options or menus. It helps client to take their decision faster with a prompt of click.
  3. Get Started Button – This is the prompt feature and it allows user to get the bot into action. The Chatbots developed with Facebook Messenger cannot perform without this feature.
  4. Quick Reply – these are the response button which helps users to submit their query with a quick response.

Hence this is a brief guide about developing an Artificial Intelligent Chatbot or AI Chatbot.

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