How to Develop E Book App? Turn Your E-Book into a Mobile App

Written by Hemendra Singh on January 23, 2019 | Updated on: July 22, 2021

How to Develop E Book App? Turn Your E-Book into a Mobile App

Did you know that most book readers prefer digital media? 4 out of 10 readers in the US stated that they prefer print media. The remaining 6 prefer digital media.

Books are a treasure. Readers around the world are passionate about book reading. There are various ways a person can enhance knowledge or get entertained. But reading books gives a satisfaction no other thing can offer.

If you are an author, you should understand that writing a good book is not enough. Most of the best authors end up in failure because they do not know where to invest in marketing.
Publishing a book has a better alternative. That is called mobile app development. A mobile application development company can help you turn your book into an app.


What are the benefits of turning a book into an app?


  • Eco-friendly

Save trees. This is not just a quote. Humankind needs to pay attention to changing climatic conditions. As part of the digital market, it is our responsibility to develop innovative ways to save trees. If you convert your book into a mobile app, you can save millions of papers and thousands of trees.

  • Target Millennial

Every mobile application development company understands the significance of targeting millennials. Most of the app users are millennials’. The generation does not prefer buying books or reading for hours in libraries. Hence, if you want to target millennials, then mobile app development is a good option.

  • Global Reach

It is difficult to achieve global reach through print media. There can be financial obstacles. Publishers might not agree to produce copies that are required for global reach. But mobile app development can certainly help. Once an app gets listed in app stores, authors need not worry about global reach.

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  • Availability

The best part about mobile apps is that you can download them anytime and anywhere. Not only downloading but also reading is made convenient. Users need not carry a heavy book everywhere they travel.

  • Easy editing

There are many cases of poor proofreading. Due to poor proofreading, there can be some spelling errors or grammar errors in the book. For book lovers, it can be really disturbing. A wrongly placed comma can change the meaning of the sentence. But in mobile apps, there is a scope for editing. The authors can ask developers to edit the app content anytime.


How to Develop Book Apps?

  • Hire Best Developers

Authors can hire iPhone app developer or can hire Android app developers to build an interactive app. You can also opt for cross-platform app development.

  • Design

It is important to consider the book type before designing the app. If you are developing a thriller novel app, the design has to be intense. Good UI and design can attract users and increase the retention rate.

  • Make it more interesting

How about adding animations? Many book apps add audio and videos of the book. But doing so can ruin the fun of reading. But adding animations or images can certainly increase the interest of readers. Make sure you add appropriate images wherever necessary.

  • Bookmarking

Bookmarking is extremely vital in the case of informative books. Not all books are based on love stories. Some books are informational. Hence bookmarking is essential.

  • Add social media shortcuts

By doing so, you can allow users to share your book on their social media accounts. This can ultimately promote the book.

  • Rating

Ratings and reviews can help other readers understand the quality of the book. Readers can make purchase decisions on the basis of reviews and ratings.

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There are thousands of good books in the market. But due to poor execution, those books have not reached a larger number of readers. Book apps can be a solution to this problem.

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