How are IoT and Live Streaming Benefiting the Education Sector?

Written by Hemendra Singh on April 24, 2018 | Updated on: April 24, 2018

How are IoT and Live Streaming Benefiting the Education Sector?

For quite some time now, live streaming has been a walking trend in industries like sports and medicine. The education sector is not being left behind as well and is trying to embody live streaming into their techniques. It makes both concepts of teaching and learning effective, because of the enhanced interest it seeks.

Other than this, we are quite familiar with the fact that the internet is enabling us to connect with each other. Now, we have reached a time where devices are able to connect with each other, thanks to the Internet of Things. Every sector is adapting the technology of IoT to generate better results, and the education sector is no different.

In this blog, you’ll find the benefits of both live streaming and IoT in the education sector.

Benefits of using Live Streaming in Education Sector

1. Evolving Teaching Methods:

For a very long time, we are using the classroom-style teaching, which after a point, felt boring. The drawback was that this
learning did not even retain itself in the minds of the students for more than two months!

It does not come as a surprise that practical learning always has a greater impact on learning. With the live streaming methodology of teaching, there is a higher chance that the knowledge will retain for a longer time.

2. Performance Analysis:

Teaching has now become a two-way process. Every administration would want to be able to assess the student’s performance and evaluate them. At the same time, they would also want to be able to cater and give the complete space to the requirements of the students.

This helps in providing a better learning environment for the students and an enhanced and interactive teaching experience for the faculties.

3. Cost-Effectiveness:

It does not come as a surprise that studying has become very expensive in every sense today. Even on an average, factor in all the costs of academics and that would go up to around $150. This is not even inclusive of all the books and transportation costs.

On the other hand, with live streaming, the maximum cost would be of the internet connection or the electricity charges. And that is still way less than the accumulated cost of traditional learning.

4. Enhanced Digital Interactivity:

The mainstream learning techniques where the teacher and student had to be in front of each other is no longer there. With the help of apps like Vedantu, the teacher and student can interact online.

This also benefits both the students and teachers in having a dynamic and diverse exposure since this digital learning can take place with anywhere from across the globe.

Also, live streaming has lifted off the barrier that students could only interact with the teachers in front of them. Digital exposure has allowed them to interact with experts in their field from all around the world!

IoT & Live Streaming Benefiting the Education Sector

5. Bringing enthusiasts together:

Collaboration has become pretty much easier since the arrival of Live Streaming. It has eliminated the issue of the geographical location of a person completely.

For instance, if a group of students has to complete a project together, and if one of them is away, their physical proximity would no longer be required. With live streaming, they can connect with each other via online mediums, and can complete the task at hand.

Similarly, parents and teachers can also connect with each other without having to miss out on anything based on them being somewhere distant!

6. A higher rate of hiring:

Because of live streaming, the entire dimension of how we hire someone is changing. A few years back, there was a very fixed order on how everything took place.

We go to school, get higher education and after its completion, get a job. Live streaming has changed the spectrum of that as well! With us having so much access to the world and the world having so much access to us, it is pretty evident that scenarios are changing.

There is no fixed time for you to get hired anymore. If you’re good at something and show diligence, chances are someone would watch you and hire you! Indirectly, the future of the education sector in context with live streaming is also causing a reduction in unemployment rates.

7. Dynamic Learning Opportunities:

Live streaming would open up a lot of opportunities in terms of learning. Students get exposed to more subjects in every field, and that would enhance their skill set. Also, this way they can keep in touch with the changing facets of current trends.

8. Mobile Learning:

Amongst other things, retention rate with mobile learning is very high. On an average, most of the people have their phones with them at all times. This allows students to have access to live streaming, anytime and anywhere in the world.

Mobile app development companies are specifically using this need and providing the option of live streaming in mobiles.

The inclusion of Internet of Things in Education Sector

IoT & Live Streaming Benefiting the Education Sector

IoT is playing a significant role in driving the growth of the education sector. That is major because the Internet of Things solutions is wiping off all the obstacles like linguistic barriers, geographical barriers, and limitation in learning.

IoT is not only providing alternative solutions to educational issues. It is about maintaining the quality and having an overall positive impact as well.

In terms of how the Internet of Things is significant for the education sector, here are some ways:

➔ It helps students in bridging the gap between theoretical and practical learning. For instance, teachers can explain the weather patterns by accessing weather data from the real time all over the world.

➔ Technologies like smart boards, Quick Response codes, digital highlighters & 3D printers are paving their way into the sector of education and are changing its paradigm completely. More than just bringing a change, they are proving to be more engaging than the traditional learning styles.

IoT & Live Streaming Benefiting the Education Sector
Quick Response codes

For instance, the progress and advancement of the students can be monitored by the teachers with the assistance of apps like Edmodo. It also helps them stay connected even when they are not in the classroom!

This way, the students are updated and can gain knowledge from anywhere without location-based issues hindering their learning.

IoT & Live Streaming Benefiting the Education Sector

Another interactive technology has been the HP Classroom of the Future; that aims at transforming education in a way that it blends both print and online technologies.

➔ Many institutions are using IoT to monitor the attendance of students. This is done by using wearables so that their whereabouts can be known within the campus.

➔ The real-time information can be monitored with the help of IoT based devices. This helps in keeping a track of any maintenance or repairs required.


To summarise, there are a lot of benefits to using live streaming in education. But we still have not reached the time where the full-fledged use of live streaming is happening. The mainstream form of education still has a major ruling. And it will still take some time for live streaming to grow completely.
The benefits and meaningful learning that live streaming & IoT together provide are impacting the education sector enough for us to know that they have a bright future!

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