iPhone App Development: 8 Basic Points To Remember [Updated 2021]

Written by Hemendra Singh on June 11, 2016 | Updated on: January 21, 2021

iPhone App Development: 8 Basic Points To Remember [Updated 2021]

These days no one can doubt about the popularity of iPhone apps. There are almost 4.77 billion mobile users in the world and 1.5 million iPhone apps present in the iTunes app store.

Above facts clearly states that iOS mobile app development is grooming every day, the launch of new iPhone 7 and iOS 10 will surely boost up the app development industry even more.

Nowadays, from small merchants to gigantic businessmen, everyone is scudding for developing an app. The prime reason behind is that mobile applications are gaining popularity every day and it is fruitful for a business to develop an iPhone application.

If you are also planning to develop an iPhone mobile app, then you have made a good decision. But you should remember that most of the apps fail to stay longer on a mobile phone because users find them annoying or not useful.

Thus, before creating an iPhone mobile app, you should consider certain points for a successful iPhone app creation and for a bonny user experience.

Here I have listed 8 key points that you should know before creating an iPhone app.

Know the Reason Behind Developing an iPhone App

You may wonder, Why should I develop an iPhone app, why not others? Well, this is a mind-boggling question that bothers a lot of people. But the key thing is to have a clear idea about it.

You should know the features of iPhone platform which are not present in Android, Windows and Blackberry platforms such as 3D touch, high-class security, voice assistant Siri and so on.

Knowing the unique features of iOS/iPhone platform will help you to decide whether you should build an iPhone app or not. Apart from it, you should research well about the whole iPhone app development process. For example, you can research about current trends, mobile operating system Apple iOS 10, technology selections and varieties, etc.

Think of the Goals you Want to Achieve with your iPhone App

What is the prime motto of your mobile app? Do you want to connect your audience with your brand or you want to reach them to sell your products? Are you going to monetize your app or not?

There are many such questions that you should ask yourself to decide the purpose of your app. Depending on the business you run, you can build a CMS app, financial app, recreation app or an eCommerce app but the point is that you should have a clear idea about the purpose which is why you are developing that app.

Get Familiar with Mobile User’s Taste

You should know the taste of a general user. If the app doesn’t fulfill the requirements of a general user, users will discard your app. Users are the prime factor in the success of your whole app development process. Thus, you should always keep users perspective into your mind & plan your app strategy according to them.

Know the Actual Cost of Developing an iPhone Application

iPhone app development is expensive. Although, you cannot calculate the exact cost you can understand the key factors that affect the cost of iPhone app development. Some of these key factors are user authentication, integration with the enterprise system, security, etc.
We at The Nine Hertz have researched about the cost of iOS app development among different countries and found that the cost of creating an iPhone app in North America ranges from $10 to $250 per hour and the average cost is $150/hour.

In the UK, the cost of iPhone app development lies between $37 to $175/hour. The average cost is around $70 per hour. While India is economical where the average cost of iPhone app development is around $30/hour.

On average, it takes almost 500 hours to build a moderate level mobile app, so If you hire an Indian developer then cost of your app will be 500 * 30 = $15000

Here is another estimation that will tell you the cost of a mobile app according to their complexity level.

App Development Cost

→ For a small app, cost varies between $3000 to $8000.

→ For a more complex app, the cost of an app varies from $50,000 to $1,50,000.

→ Gaming mobile app cost between $10,000 to $2,50,000.

Above stats explain that the cost of your app can vary from $3000 to $2,50,000 depending on the type of your app and the required features. If you demand more features, the cost will increase. The type of your app also affects the app cost.

If your app is an eCommerce shopping app, the cost will be high as these apps demand more manpower and other technical resources. Therefore, it is beneficial that you plan your app strategy according to the available budget.

How Your iPhone App will Benefit You

The next thing is, how your mobile app will benefit you, would you be able to get benefit by reaching to your customers 24×7. Can you provide a productive and bonny user experience to your customers? If so, your smartphone app will surely benefit you in terms of generating revenue as well as connecting your brand with customers.

Calculate the Time of Whole App Development Process

According to some mobile app development companies in India, 18 weeks is the average time to build an iPhone mobile app. The development time depends on the type of your smartphone app and the features you want. Other factors that affect the time of app development include the size of your audience, platform, etc. Thus, it can be said that time to create an app is a vital factor in the whole iPhone app development process and you should consider it well.

Choose the Best Development Firm for Your App

The next thing is to choose the best app development firm which can fulfill your app’s requirements. There are thousands of app development agencies around the world, choosing the best one which fit into all requirements is a crucial task. Therefore, you should check the following qualities in a company before selecting it.

The quality of work:

Quality is the primary thing in your whole app development process, quality should be maintained until the end of your development and company should be convincing about quality.

On-Time Delivery:

There should be no delay in committed time, a company should be serious about the development time and complete the task before time, ultimately your time is so valuable.

Features and functionality they provide:

A detailed talk with the development firm about the features and functionality in your app should be done. You could make proper documentation for all the features and functionality related issues.

Design and look of application:

The design should be precise. The design is the figure of your app, it should be accurate. The font size and text in the image should be easy to understand. The layout should be different, templates used should be attractive.

Client Relations:

You should consider the past client relationships of your chosen company. A good company always maintains good relations with its clients. You have to research about the relationships of your chosen company with its previous clients.

Services they provide after delivery:

A legal agreement between you and the company regarding the services they are offering to you should be done. If the discussed services are not provided, you can take legal action against them

Maintenance of your application:

After development, time to time maintenance of your application is also necessary. A congenial company is always committed for maintenance before and after development.

Price they offer:

You have to compare the prices of your iPhone app development from several companies. Choose the best price which should fit into the budget and fulfill all your requirements.

These are the certain points on which you should focus before choosing the company for your iPhone app development. You should compare the prices and services of a particular company with others.

Test your iPhone Mobile app

After the development phase, the next big thing is the testing of your app, You have to test your app on all possible parameters. Your iOS app should fulfill all the criteria. It should be user-friendly, the registration process should be easy, and loading should be fast. A comprehensive iPhone mobile app testing includes device and network infrastructure too.


Before making any iPhone app, you should consider all these points. You have to research well about the organization from where you are developing your iOS app. Other factors include available budget, benefits, testing, market research, available time. Keep these points in mind.

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