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All You Need to know about Talend Data Integration Platform

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Hemendra Singh on April 05, 2018
updated on: August 14, 2019
All You Need to know about Talend Data Integration Platform

Data is the most important element for the business foundation without which it is hard to implement any strategy. Whatever we do in real-time is transformed into data. Every single second thousand of data is being generated. Thus, integrating data has become complex in today’s time. To manage and integrate the large volume of data organizations needs a data integration platform.

The role of data integration platform is to convert different data into a meaningful resource for a business. But businesses were least interested in implementing any such platform earlier, reason being, all the platforms were expensive. However, the sudden influxion in data has made them realize that advanced data integration platforms are beneficial for their business growth.

Technology advancement has made the data integration tools to provide application integration, real-time data integration, cloud-based integration, data cleansing, data virtualization and data profiling, along with user’s productivity. Recently, Talend data integration tools are prominent in the market because of their flexible and cost-effective integration methods which offer innovative functionalities for data integration.

So, what is Talend data integration platform all about? What are its features? Who will be benefited from this platform and what are the different tools of this platform? We will answer these questions one by one for our reader’s better understanding.

What is Talend Data Integration Platform?

This platform provides a wide spectrum of functionalities that are required for a precise and efficient data integration process. There are many types of data integration processes like data synchronization and data migration. Talend open studio for data integration for team collaboration tools is required at enterprise-level projects. It is a productive and cost-effective tool having powerful and easy to use features for integrating data.

The data coming from various sources in different formats are translated, merged and sorted to produce an essential information by eliminating errors. Implementation is made easy by using an ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) tool. It aggregates and structures data to be used by Business Intelligence (BI) tools.

Features of Talend Data Integration Platform:

Data integration platform has many features that make it an eminent tool for enterprises. The following are the key features of Talend data integration:

What are the various tools of data integration?

Talend provides a free open source ETL tool for multiple purposes like data warehousing, migration, synchronization, consolidation, data profiling and data cleansing. The Talend open studio’s core functionalities can be used freely by the users but to use the advanced services, you require subscription license.

There are various data integration tools that can be used by the businesses for their productivity and efficient workflow. Some of the tools are listed below:

1. Talend Open Studio:

This platform manages monitoring and data integration processes of data coming from a foreign entity. It has three applications: Job Designer, Business Modeler, and Metadata Manager.

2. Talend Integration Suite RTx:

It is a web-based data integration platform. This tool is a user-centric tool and works according to the user’s needs. It provides access to the critical data. This tool manages the input requests and increases the competency of the platform through the use of SOA manager.

3. Talend Integration Suite MPx:

This platform is used for parallel processing of large volumes of data in a shorter duration of time. This tool sort, merge and transform data by converting the large files into the smaller processes.

4. Talend On-Demand:

It provides merging of the project information online in a shared data warehouse in a controlled and secure environment. Thus, you can use the shared data without requiring any administration. This tool is suitable for businesses as it provides storing and using the same code and object among distributed users.

5. Talend Integration Suite:

This tool allows access to the central repository where a collaborated data is stored. Multiple users can access this data and this tool allows support to large chunks of data. This tool is based on a subscription license.

Who can use the Talend Data Integration Platform?

The platform is designed and developed in a way that it fulfils the requirements of all kind of business domains. Whether startup to small to big enterprise, this platform can be used by all. The question arises now is – how you will know your company requires this platform or not?

For this, you need to analyze your data generation capacity. If you can manage your records and data then it might possible you won’t be needing this tool. However, considering the fact that data can’t be consolidated successfully as it comes from different sources, you will be needing some platform that automates your work and gives you an easy access to the complex data. Thus, this platform is beneficial for all companies those who are dealing with data regularly.

Future market Scenario:

Every year the data integration market is expected to grow around 10% according to Gartner Inc.

In 2018, the data integration market will get boosted to $3.6 billion as the number of companies opting for the platform is incraesing rapidly.


As illustrated from the article discussed above the data integration market will grow in the upcoming years because the influxion of data is huge to deal and manage manually. We do require an efficient tool to operate on our data so that we can successfully distribute, collaborate and store data coming from various sources.

Talend has offered its services to prominent and potential clients. Also, it has partnered with many big organizations in order to help them leverage the benefits of its various platform. Today, many professionals are getting certified on the Talend platform to keep their pace with the latest technologies for serving better to their clients.

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