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11+ Benefits of Ionic Framework in Mobile App Development [Updated]

Written by
Hemendra Singh on October 25, 2019
updated on: December 22, 2021
11+ Benefits of Ionic Framework in Mobile App Development [Updated]

‘Ionic is the most native-like a framework for the development of iconic mobile application development surveyed by Kissmetrics’

The alliance of mobile apps with the native-like framework is inseparable. When the mobile UI and UX matter most for the varied mobile app development company the kin to develop an iconic mobile application using ‘Ionic’ a native-like framework considered by the Ionic app developers most.

Talking about the Ionic antiquity, it was initially released six years ago (2013) by drifty. As it is an open-source framework and available under MIT license the mobile app developers found it a code-friendly framework for mobile app development.

In this guide, we’ll have a look at what the Ionic framework is, Ionic benefits, and many more. so let’s dive in!!

What is Ionic Framework?

Ionic is an open-source HTML5 based framework for designing hybrid applications. Hybrid apps are rich in Webview which offered many advantages compared to native apps in terms of speed, coding, easy testing, and performance criteria.

Ionic apps are well-written in HTML, Javascript, and CSS which helps web developers, customers, and owners to feel the UI and UX utmost. This is the reason behind the inception of Ionic 4 development, supported by Angular.

Although, you might agree with my statement that ‘the lives of mobile apps is strictly based on its UI’. Perhaps, Ionic can be considered as an app-friendly UI framework that handles hard of hardest UI components of application with the support of native elements and beautiful design.

When your idea and strategy to deal with the IT apps, then it becomes more important to design, integrate, and deploy the app using the perfect framework.

Considering a new age framework called Ionic app supported via Angular leverage you exile benefits. While you are not in the shadow world, you have many other options you opt for mobile app development, but today’s hot-topic and UI-friendly framework is Ionic, chosen by the developers.

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Leverage the Benefits of Ionic Framework In Mobile App Development

After knowing what is Ionic framework is, let’s ponder over the benefits of Ionic as it is the most effective framework for building mobile apps. It offers plenty of advantages and works best as a framework in all ways to create a seamless application that works flawlessly. Here are the main reasons why we recommend Ionic:

It is Easy to Ratify

The first and foremost Ionic benefits is that the developer found it easy to use and adapt. The HTML, Javascript, and CSS are easy to learn, if a developer is familiar with it, then development turns into an effective one.

For the enterprise, it is easy to welcome ionic if their requirement and needs call for the hybrid mobile app.

Developer Friendly UI

In the market, you have many options to pick and leverage with friendly UI. But, in case you want extra or say something unique with flexibility, you might turn your attention to the Ionic UI framework.

The themes and components of Ionic are customizable like folding mobs. Although the ionic framework allows adding and adapting the web components on which the application running.

Powered by AngularJs

We know that the Ionic series of 3 and 4 are powered by Angular Js. So, when it comes to the functionality test, the developer will never compromise in that.

The use of AngularJs allows the Ionic developers to provide a robust ionic structure and functional user interface that makes the code more manageable.

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The Winner of Performance

The performance metric of Ionic is magnificent. The native mobile app framework code utilizes in PhoneGap (Apache Cordova) which renders higher performance compared to hybrid applications. AngularJs accelerate the native hardware performance, GPU level, and maximize available processor time.

Utilization of Cordova Plugins

The Ionic framework utilized the world’s most rich Cordova Plugin in the app’s inception. The designer and developer can access different components according to the need of time and adjustment.

The Cordova plugins can access features like GPS, Camera, Flashlight, and more where further developers use these features to add in application prototypes.

Support C.P

The most immersible benefit of using ionic app development is that it supports cross-platform app development i.e. developer has the option to deploy apps for multiple mobile platforms. Ionic is a complete front-end SDK for cross-platform development.

The information says that Ionic supports Android 4.1 upwards version and iOS 7 along with the support of UWP (Universal Windows Platform).

Web-based technology

Ionic is built on web-based technology, which allows developers to make modifications to existing code or components. The developer can easily build custom modifications to the applications using modern web-based technology.

Cross-platform mobile application development

When you are creating an ionic-based mobile app, it should be compatible with all mobile operating systems. The framework of Ionic uses the same codebase for all types of mobile phones, regardless of the underlying OS. It enables developers to create mobile applications that perform flawlessly in all conditions while maintaining the same appearance and feel.

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Widget development

Ionic frameworks enable the creation of widgets for frequently used apps on the home screen, allowing the user to launch the application directly from the home screen.

Enhanced development

According to statistics, over 4+ million developers use Ionic framework, and over 2 million mobile applications are created on it. Ionic makes it possible to create splash icons and screens than other frameworks.

App Integration

Ionic application provides high integration, allowing for the exchange of information and processes between various business apps. This also helps organizations in coordinating their processes and associating their features with cloud application.

Huge and Supportive Community

The most difficult aspect of designing any application is thoroughly understanding the framework’s capabilities. Ionic has a large and supportive community, which includes developers who are professionals in web technologies such as Cordova and AngularJS.

New developers can interact with experienced developers to find a solution to a problem they are experiencing.

Cost-effective apps with less development cost

Last but not least Ionic benefits is cost-effective. The ionic framework offers a shorter development time, resulting in cheaper development costs. Small businesses can take a step forward in their growth by developing an app that fits within their budget if they are aware of the costs ahead of time.

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Summing Up

Here you have come to an end and hopefully, you are what is Ionic framework. While there are other competitors in the market besides Ionic which you can opt for. But for the bright ionic app development, you must go for the Ionic era.

Talking about Ionic feasibility, the framework is easily available and can learn very partly. It is cost-efficient and reduces the need for maintenance too. If you’re interested in software development services to develop UI rich mobile app with robust performance hire an ionic app developer to kick start your developers fast.

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