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Important Features of Mobile Apps for Doctors

Written by
Hemendra Singh on December 24, 2018
updated on: December 24, 2018
Important Features of Mobile Apps for Doctors

There are millions of doctors in the world. With such a rapidly growing population of the world, the demand for doctors is increasing. Not only the population is increasing but also the number of patients is increasing. There are so many diseases around the globe.

What do you do when you catch a cold? You go to the doctor. Even a cold treatment requires doctors. There are thousands of specialists in the USA for every disease. Thousands of physicians, surgeons, dermatologists, cardiologists etc are present in the globe.

With so many diseases and huge population, it becomes a real challenge to treat so many patients. In comparison to patients, the number of doctors is less in countries like India and China.

How about developing mobile apps for doctors that will offer ease in the regular process of doctors? In the year 2017, there were 3.7 billion downloads of m-health apps. The source of this statistics is Statista. There are around 318,000 healthcare apps available on the top application stores around the globe.

The healthcare apps involved apps for patients or normal crowd to maintain their health. There are applications that can count the blood pressure of a person. There are apps that can count the steps of the user and motivate him or her to walk more. The sleep apps are also a form of healthcare apps.

In this article, we are going to discuss medical apps for doctors. Here the target audience is doctors and not the patients. While developing a medical application for doctors, keep in mind to focus on pain points of doctors. It is important to analyze the requirement of doctors. Primary research is necessary in such cases.

Let us see the important features of a medical app for doctors.

  1. The user profile of the doctor

This is the first important feature required in a medical app for doctors. Allow doctors to create their own profiles. Let them add their details. Make sure you verify the details before activating the profile. Since health is an important factor in our lives, it is important to check for authentication.
Make sure there are no fake profiles added. You can ask doctors to submit their scanned documents for verification. Keep the sign-up process short and easy.

  1. Time management

The only thing doctors concern about is time. In countries where there are less than the required number of doctors, it becomes difficult to handle so many patients every day. By offering time tracking feature,mobile medical app developers can help doctors manage their schedules. The app should be able to notify about upcoming appointments and surgeries if any.

  1. Strong database to store Patient details

Since a single doctor checks too many patients every day, it is important to have a strong database. We suggest taking help of cloud database to store patient details. Every patient generates big data such as name, age, address, disease, medicines, allergies, etc. All this data is required to analyze before treating the patient.

  1. Patient tracking

Now that we are going to store the data of each patient, the app notifies about the upcoming treatment cycles of those patients. For instance, a person is a patient of high blood pressure. The doctor has asked the patient to take some tablets and show back after a month. The app should be able to notify the upcoming treatment cycle.

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  1. Remote treatments

This feature is the best one. For this feature, the patients should download the same app but not as a doctor. With the help of this feature, the doctor can offer the necessary treatment to the patient without being physically present. This is a revolutionary feature in the medical app for doctors as it is offering a solution to the biggest pain point of doctors.
There are some patients who cannot travel. Or there can be any reason that the patient cannot go to the clinic or hospital. In such cases, the app should be able to allow doctors to offer remote treatments. This feature is mainly used in emergency situations

  1. Messaging

Allow patients and doctors interact with each other through messaging feature. This feature is also a vital one. It can save a lot of time for doctors and patients. Since many queries can be solved in messages, the time can be saved. Offer real-time messaging feature. Make sure the design of app looks appealing.

  1. Information about staff

If the doctor has own clinic, he should be able to store and track information about staff members. The staff may include nurses, ward boys, receptionist, etc. This feature is helpful to keep track of resources and get optimized output from them.

  1. Staff payment tracking

Since the information of staff can be stored in the app, it should be able to keep track of their payment cycles. Allow the app to send push notifications of payments. The doctors should be able to pay the staff through the app itself. Mobile medical app developers can integrate third-party payment apps such as PayPal. You can also allow credit card and debit card transaction.

  1. Security

This is the most significant factor. Not only financial applications like payment apps and bank apps need security but also these apps require security. The data of patients is considered an important information. it must not be leaked. Make sure you add security locks to the app.


Since the technology is taking over every industry, it is high time we developed mobile apps for doctors. The mobile apps for doctors can save time and money of doctors. It is vital to add all the above features in your medical application for doctors.

Hemendra Singh

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