Top Addictive Android Game Apps That You Must Try Now

Written by Hemendra Singh on September 17, 2016 | Updated on: July 22, 2021

Top Addictive Android Game Apps That You Must Try Now

Android Games Apps are increasing day by day. If we calculate no. of applications/games on Android then data is quite unexpected.

Total no. of apps in Play Store as of Nov 5, 2014 – 1,387,531

Average Monthly android app development software – ~25000

Daily Android apps development – ~2000

Here, what is important to note is that only a few android apps get exposure as competition increases with the increasing no. of apps.

I have been checking out new apps in PlayStore every day to see new interesting android games mobile applications. So, today I thought to share some cool games and applications that I recently used and found very much interesting every week.

The Best Android Games apps

Swing Drop Best Android Game App

It’s a cool traditional Arcade game that reminds you of the time of the 90′s when people love Mario, Pac-man, Contra, etc… This game is available on Android, runs well on all smartphones, and totally free.

If you love retro games then this is the best game so far, more engaging, addictive, and interesting. I started this game last week and on the first day, I was not been able to score more than 12… LOL… but later I scored 22, an achievement for me…

Below is its YouTube video which compels you to play it now…

Also, it’s a new game with rating 4.5 (Quite nice) and can be downloaded from Play Store – Swing Drop

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Expensogram–Expense Manager

It’s an expense manager app that helps you to store your daily expenses and keeps a complete record on your Android phone. All are safe and easy to access!!!

You can see your expenses in graphical and chart form and compare weekly, monthly and yearly expenses easily. The best part is that you can store your data in voice, audio, and text format. The below YouTube video helps you to understand it better.

You can export your weekly, monthly, quarterly, and customized expense report in PDF and CSV files.

I have used many expense manager apps but nothing like this because it is easy to use and manage. I highly recommend both android mobile apps that miss old-time android mobile games and want to manage their expenses in an easy and quick way. If anyone has suggestions or something cool to share then please share it through comments.

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