Offshoring Mobile App, Here is How It Will Save Your Time & Money

Written by Hemendra Singh on January 23, 2017 | Updated on: January 23, 2017

Offshoring Mobile App, Here is How It Will Save Your Time & Money

Nowadays, the mobile applications are marking their immense presence in the mobile industry. Nothing is wrong in saying that mobile apps have extremely entrenched into our daily lives.

Time and Money

Being fully aware of the dependency, human beings have on the mobile phones and especially on the mobile applications, a large number of businesses/developers around the globe have started to take the full advantage of the mobile apps.

Rise of The Mobile Apps

The mobile application market has seen its biggest boom in the last few years, with Google Play and Apple App Store crossing almost 1.5 million applications each.

Mobile Apps Statistics

In this era, we can’t even think of our lives without smartphone applications. We personally feel handicapped without a cell phone in our hand for an hour, let alone spending the entire day without it.

Almost all the businesses, whether small or large prefer to have a mobile app over the website. However, having a website is equally important, but getting a mobile application for the business holds more importance as people spend most of their digital times on mobile phone & applications. Hence, it can be said that smartphone apps are becoming a dominating form of digital interaction.

This massive growth in mobile apps is resulting from a tough competition in the smartphone app development community, which in turn forcing the app developers to be more aware of the latest mobile app development trends as well as the challenges.

What is Offshoring?

Offshoring means to hire another company in a different location and paying them off for the work done by them. Offshoring is the good solution where one can get quality and quick results with less development cost as well as time.

Benefits Of Offshoring Your Mobile App Projects

Offshoring an application has a ton of benefits, cost and time being the most important one. The major reason why people tend to offshore their mobile app development projects is because of the variety of advantages being offered by it.

How Can Mobile App development Offshoring Save Your Money?

The major advantage of offshoring a mobile application is a money. As offshoring, a mobile application helps to save your money from both the hands. One is the cost of recruitment, and other is the cost of labor. And we must say that both of them have an important role to play.


Now you must be thinking that there is no such cost for recruiting an employee/developer for your company, but actually, this is not the case. An organization has to incur several different costs to recruit the suitable candidates. Costs involved in searching and screening the most appropriate candidate for the open position, and a couple of other costs which follow post recruitment.

Whilst, in offshore mobile app development, there is no such kind of recruitment cost involved because the company you are hiring would be already rich in the skilled employees that are needed to get your job done.

The second factor which contributes to saving the major chunk of money is the cost of labor. Labor in Asian countries is comparatively cheaper than labor in the western countries. According to a survey, the Asian countries like India, Vietnam are the cheapest places amongst all the offshore app development destinations. Such countries are the hottest offshore development destinations around the globe. In these countries, companies can hire an entry level app developer at an average annual salary of $3,246 while a manager with about five to eight years of experience can approximately cost you $8,500 per annum, which is very nominal as compared to the salaries being paid to the western developers.

Offshoring the mobile application development also has an added advantage of getting the specialized professionals. It helps you avail the benefits & experience of skilled experts without making any long term commitment with them.

How can Mobile App development Offshoring save your time?


Another important benefit which falls with offshoring the mobile application development is the saving of time.

Offshore developers work with strict deadlines, and have a faster turn around time as compared to the onshore developers, which help you to get your work completed in rapid fashion. The offshore smartphone app developers are clearly aware of the fact that they will be paid as soon as the project is completed.

Another way to look at it is that you will get more time to focus on your core competencies. As you hand over the complete work to the offshore agency, you can get some more time to dedicate on the key issues. The time spent in planning and executing the tasks by your team can be effectively utilized in doing some improvising things on your project.

The Bottom Line

Although you can save numerous amounts of time and money by opting offshore application development, you should always keep the few facts in your mind:

• The foremost thing to keep in mind is to hire someone who can be the ideal app developer for your project and whom you can trust easily because offshoring involves hiring people with whom you never worked before.

• Most employers prefer to send standard tech questions or set up a one-week trial project to vet potential developers, but that too does not guarantee that the project will be executed properly. In such situation, it is always better to get into a direct communication, either through a video call and if that’s not possible, a phone call is the next best option. These are strong ways of communication and will give a direct flow to people on both the ends and leaves less space for the person at the other end to lie.

• The second important tip, which you should follow is to never get attracted to the cheaper rates of labor, as the cheapest may not be the best. If someone is offering the solution at a very low cost, firstly ask yourself a question, why?

Of Course, the cost should be a factor, but not at the verge of quality. At the end, your product should be of a good quality and without any loose ends. So, don’t just look for the cheapest, but the best.

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