The Platform That Can Help One Get The Best Skills

Written by Hemendra Singh on July 16, 2019 | Updated on: December 5, 2019

The Platform That Can Help One Get The Best Skills

‘Hack’ is one such term which has become so common in this technological upgraded world. In order to increase the effectiveness of these devices, the companies are always in search of new talents with creative ideas in mind. They also aim at changing the life of a common man. They take the expert opinion into consideration and give them the opportunity to present their ideas.

Hackathon is a design event using which the computer programmers get into software development which includes graphic designer, project manager etc. Hackathon aims at creating software that can be used so that the end can achieve a functioning project.  They lay stress on the operating system and programming language used. Hackathon software can be called creative problem-solving.

Points to consider while using hackathon:

Hackathon can give rise to unhealthy competition and unrealistic expectations sometimes. These are the guidelines that should be followed before using Hackathon-

  • Strengthen the community for which it has to be used.
  • Have a welcoming attitude to the new people.
  • Give due opportunity to the participants to find solutions to the problems.

One should not be confident that he would get a solution to the problem by the end of the hackathon software. Dealing with real-life problems isn’t an easy task. Therefore it should be considered as a mere platform for the participants as it enables them to tackle with such complexities in a better way. Participants should not be pressurized by keeping unrealistic expectations from them.

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Need of hackathon management software:

Hackathon software is needed because of these three reasons –

  • Presence of a global community
  • Innovation in a Hackathon
  • Availability of management hackathon software

How much can hackathon accommodate?

If you plan to employ many people, then you should be prepared to handle so many ideas and projects.  More people tend to make the process of registration and judgment more tedious and complicated.  In such a case, a robust platform is needed so as to manage so many employees effectively.  This is quite similar to thumb rule or direct formula where there is a compulsory requirement of hackathon software when the number of participants is more than fifty.

Is it online or multiphase?

The online ones can definitely get you easy access to the masses. But it definitely leads to the requirement of a solid Platform that would support the ideas as well as prototype submissions.

At the base level, a portal will be required for getting the files uploaded.  This will support various formats which can be opened and closed depending upon the specifications of the duration.

Role of hackathon software:

If there is a plan in the near future to include the ideation phase or to run any ideation, then the role of ideathon is quite prominent.  Without ideation, it will become difficult to handle. The main challenge here is to analysis every idea given with regards to the feasibility and benefits to the people. The final step is combining or rather incorporating the best innovative ideas together and then implementing them in a way that the best one rises to the top.

Hackathon software facilitates this selection and implementation process. It makes this tedious and time-consuming task very simple and easy to handle without any complexity.  This further helps to assign multiple judges and set appropriate parameters for evaluation.  If one requires to validate the ideas manually,then also it gives an easy option.

Quick feedback is provided with regards to the suitability and feasibility of the idea. This can be done easily and in very less time with the help of Hackathon management software. This ensures the effective use of technology reduces misuse of manual resources, thus ensuring the fact that energies are channeled in the right areas.

Use of hackathon management software:

  • Judges can be assigned
  • Ideas can be scored and rated on the basis of innovativeness and effectiveness
  • The real-time leader board can be created
  • Peer voting can be done. This will help in assessing the performance of the employees in a better manner and also will help in streamlining the interpersonal relations of the employees.
  • Public voting can be enabled.
  • Feedback for further improvisations of ideas and strategies is the best part of the innumerable benefits which the software offers.
  • One of the remarkable features of the Hackathon software is Natural Learning Processing. This processing makes it easy to handle the ideas of a similar nature.

Features of hackathon management software:

Before selecting Hackathon Management Software,these features should be checked in the system –

  • User restrictions

The single sign-on is one necessary feature that should be there in the software. It is a must and so should be sought in restriction for the participation is enabled with the use of this feature. This helps in providing the security to the confidential details of the company, which if leaked, can lead to greater losses both financially and in terms of reputation also.

  • Third party integration

Most of the companies make the use of the slack of teams for effective integration of each of the elements of the company. They make teams keeping in mind the skills, interest, strength and experience of the employees. They also take into consideration their interpersonal relations, willingness to work with each other as a team to achieve a common goal. This task actually needs a lot of thinking and time is simplified with the use of Hackathon Management Software.

This is one of the primary concern of the company. If confidential information of a company gets passed on to the rival company, it may cause heavy losses to the company in question and would hamper with their reputation in the eyes of the stakeholders.

  • Good customization

Flexibility is a must have feature when it comes to customization.

These are the key features of Hackathon Software. This is one of the preferred and also strongly recommended software for the companies that want to carve a name for them, flourish and give way to innovation in their approach and strategies,leaving behind the years old policies.

This software works best for those companies whose major area of concern includes scale, effective management of ideas, consistency and data security.

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