Reason Why Apps Fail & How To Avoid It While Mobile App Development?

Written by Hemendra Singh on November 29, 2019 | Updated on: December 11, 2019

Reason Why Apps Fail & How To Avoid It While Mobile App Development?

Did You Know? That around 80-90% of the mobile app in the app stores are abandoned after a single-use. Mobile app usage statistics say that the average mobile app loses around 77% of daily active users just within three days of installation.

President and CEO of SOASTA say that “delivering performance through a mobile application has been the most challenging in the last 30 years in IT”. The reason being different that cause trouble to the users. One of the key factor of causing trouble to the user is when you hire dedicated developers for your mobile application and your developed app is not user-friendly. The incoming opportunity and generating revenue dreams can just blow away. So, hire dedicated developers who are experienced, certified and have a clear vision to achieve success with your app.

Do you call an app as a failure if it consists of lots of bugs? Let us enlighten you that an app failure goes beyond bugs or flaws in it. There are many reasons for the mobile app to fail. Simultaneously we will tell you the key features of a successful mobile app.

It is important to realize the market realities if it can support your business goals! To make an app successful, you will have to generate positive reviews. Whatever slows the performance of an app can lead to negative reviews. Be it mobile UI/UX design, app costs, mobile app navigation issues and more.

Real Story Of a Failed Mobile Application

One of the examples is Aaron Fraser’s app. The founder of the FaceLinkTweet had an idea of an app where users could combine messages with free calls and videos uploading. Aaron hired a mobile app developer for this task. Without estimating the potential popularity of the company, their app crashed. Aaron experienced a high number of people logging, uploading photos and videos resulting in a server crash.

Thus, cutting corners can lead to heavy disappointment and eventually loss of your entire revenue as well as your million dollar idea. So keep an eye on every factors before building an app and then hire dedicated developers for your app creation.

Multiple platforms for a solution to a single problem through apps may lead to its failure. Because a user will only choose a single app instead of the multiple with a similar solution. Thus, to scale your mobile app, come up with a fresh new idea to solve some of the existing problems.

What Factors Can Cause An App To Crash Even If You Hire Dedicated Programmer?

A survey conducted for OutSystems shows that 96% of app developers have to struggle a lot during the app-building stage. Even if the development takes place successfully most of the app fails during the testing phase because of not following proper mobile app development process and marketing tactics.

There are ten common testing reasons for an app to fail:

  • Incorrect CPU and memory assessment before development
  • The demand of millions of consumers at the same time with lack of supply
  • Slow response time due to bandwidth constraints
  • Switching connections may affect the stability of apps
  • The new feature can induce bugs to another part of the app
  • Proper synchronization of front-end and back-end
  • Device and browser compatibility problems

Apart from the development and testing issues, failed apps can be rooted in other categories that must be taken into account.

One of the reasons could be the unsuccessful pivot which is capable enough to ruin the efforts of the company. Moreover, some of the execution- level as well as maintenance-level failures can lead to disappointment.

Some of the mobile apps that failed were due to a shortage of budget. You would need to spend at least 20% of the app development to maintaining the app throughout the year. Without an adequate budget, you will not be able to proffer the latest versions, bug fixing, and other updates for the app to run flawlessly.

You are not alone to provide a solution to any problem in this world. There are number of solution providers looking to generate revenue. If you cannot adapt to the competition and appeal to your audience, your survival might be in the mist.

When you see that your app is not doing well and you don’t have a contingency plan! What do you think will happen?

Relying on a single platform to earn revenue could be possibly a risky one. Thus, always have a secondary plan. That doesn’t mean you put fewer efforts to appeal to your clients.

When you have your team members working together, meeting the demand, running fast of competition and always a ready secondary plan, your app might scale.

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Still Curious, How You and Your Dedicated Developer Can Avoid Mobile Apps Failure?

When considering all the aspects to avoid fail apps download, where do you still lack? Your app is absolutely capable of making good money and when you launch but, still it doesn’t meet the need! Why?

The stats clearly states that only 0.01% chances that you get a million download without spending time or effort on distribution or marketing. But, not all have such a stroke of luck! The apps startup failure rate is almost 90% and only 10% scale their business through their app.

Marketing is another important essential aspect of app success. It also defines the core values and distinguishes you from the other competitors. If not done correctly can lead you to app failure. A survey identified that mobile apps that failed were 42% of startups lacking market needs for their products.

Thus, you must note these points to avoid the queue of the biggest app failures.

  • The app description is the most underestimated facet. It’s the first and foremost impression creator, which shouldn’t be unnoticed
  • Prepare a game plan for the early birds in order to further scale our app. Offer a free login or subscription to generate momentum
  • Include some options for marketing like – content marketing, pay-per-click, and SEO to flourish your app
  • Some apps just simply fail because of bad or no reviews. Thus, make sure you check the ratings and reviews of the app. Work on the feedback to improve your app


When building a mobile app keep all aspects in mind. Will the app fulfill the needs of the customers? Is there a better solution provider to the problem that you are developing? How about your designs, are they appealing enough? Do the platforms or the frameworks you are building upon are updated or the latest?

After the development phase, make sure to thoroughly test the app. Check on all the mobile application development platforms, iPhone, Android and web if you want to achieve a wider user base. Provide a proper description and apply correct marketing strategies. Moreover, make sure the users are satisfied with your app, if not make amendments and follow up with proper revisions and updates. All of these aspects will help avoid app failures and scale your business.

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