The Cost of Creating an App like Instagram

Written by Hemendra Singh on February 04, 2019 | Updated on: February 4, 2019

The Cost of Creating an App like Instagram

With literally thousands of applications on the market every single day, the competition is fierce. We read different success sagas about applications daily. But some applications are not fortunate enough to witness the success.

With apps like Instagram and Uber, the peak positions in the app market are gone. However, there is still scope for the newest app developers.

This article sheds light into an important question and that is how to create an app like Instagram. The world is not a stranger to the app success.

So, there is no doubt that developers would want to create an app that is similar to Instagram. However, the cost of creating an Instagram clone is still unknown.

Well, we have a solution for that. Let us see how much does it actually cost in order to build a platform like Instagram.

The Platform Of Instagram: Going Strong

When it comes to Instagram, people go crazy. It is one of the personal favorites of so many people. But what is so special about Instagram that makes it so popular?

Well, the Instagram platform allows people to post videos and pictures. You will also be able to create stories with Instagram.

However, the design and the UI of the app is what makes it so popular. Most people are active users of the platform. Instagram is certainly enjoying the success. You can do it as well if you know the process of creating an Instagram clone.

Creating An App Like Instagram: The Costs Involved

There are different factors that you have to consider when you create Instagram like app. There are different things that work together for the entire applications.

This also includes the choice of the platform. You can choose from iOS or Android. Also, you can create an app that works for both the platforms. Choosing between the native app development and the hybrid app development is really important.

Also, the choice of the features and the budget plays an important role as well. Here we will have a detailed discussion of it.

1. Developing The Minimum Viable Product

We all know that there are thousands of apps that help in sharing videos and photos. These apps fill up the App Store and Google Play Store. So, how do you make yours different? Well, creating an MVP will do the trick.

You need to create the MVP of your product and then have the users comment on it. User feedback is really important. That will save a lot of money and time for you. Not to mention that you get to test the idea with ease.

2. Account Authorization: Setting It Up

Account authorization is a setup step that is crucial for the apps on social media. The users get several choices in here.

Either they create fresh accounts or they sign-in with their already existing one. This setup step is very important because this is what allows the users to log in.

You can also set up a particular password changing options as well. Apart from that, the user data saving option also is an important factor. The users should be able to save their passwords and other data.

3. Creation And Editing of Profiles

Your Instagram clone app needs to have the creation and editing profile options. With this, the people will be able to create profiles and share media files.

Also, users should be able to change or edit the pictures that they post. Video editing options should be available in this section as well. Profile editing includes making edits in the bio, profile picture, personal details, and much more.

When it comes to back-end development, an interaction happening between the server side and the client side is essential.

4. Creation of Messaging Feature


After the profile development, the messaging feature holds most importance. It is a very important feature if you want to create Instagram like app.

This feature will offer the users with a chance to send messages in real time. This facility is very important if you want your app to be successful like Instagram.

You will also have to create a particular notification. The notification will let the users know if they have a message. While you do this, excess message incoming should be prevented as well.

So, you need to make sure that you use HTTP or RESTful as the replacement.

5. Photo And Video Uploading

The next phase would demand you to provide the uploading feature. This feature will provide the users with an opportunity to post videos and photos that they like. This is certainly another one of the most important features for your Instagram clone script.

The backend for this requires a difference in approach for the iOS and the Android platforms. There are different approaches for both the platforms that the users can choose from.

6. Editing And Customizing Photos

Just having the video and photo upload options aren’t going to be enough for sure. The users might need to edit their media files after uploading. So, it is essential that you put some additional customizing options as well.

This is something that will help you with the creation of an Instagram clone. The users can easily play with the images that they like. Editing the pictures will give them the satisfaction and your app will be appealing.

Let us get to the backend of it. Well, the standard files can be a good option. But you can also create your own options.

7. Addition of The Extra Settings

This is another area that is essential for your Instagram clone script. Here you can choose whether the users will get to disable or enable the app’s push notifications. Also, the language preference is another thing that you need to focus on.

The users also need the chance to set the privacy of their accounts. All these features are very important to users. You need to make sure that your app has these additional features. Otherwise, what is the point of even creating an application in the first place?

8. Connecting The App With Other Social Media Platforms

There is no doubt that your app is going to be for the use of social media. However, it is essential that it is connected to the other platforms on social media as well. You wouldn’t want the application to be alone for sure.

The users of today like communication that is spread across different platforms in social media. This helps in the sharing of information in a better way. With the help of a better social media connection, the users will be able to find you easily.

Linking up the Social media account ID and the app ID can be useful for the back-end in this feature. With this, your Instagram clone app will be discoverable by the public.

9. Integration of Geo-Location Features


Indeed the feature of geo-location is a very important one for sure. This tool is essential for different social media applications. With this feature, the app collects information about the geographical location of the users.

All they have to do is post a video or a photo and their location is visible in the app. So, this feature is certainly a very crucial one for the success of the app.

Location tracking can be beneficial to the users as well. They can know where they are and their respective distance from other important locations. With the help of APIs, you will be able to add these features very easily to your app.

Locations and Maps are some of the other tools that can help you with the Geo-location feature.

10. Implementing The Option For Search

When the users need to look up for something, the option for Search is what helps them. Searching for groups, friends, and other options become a lot easier with this feature.

So, there is no doubt that your Instagram clone script of the app should contain this feature for sure.

11. The Design of The App: UX And UI

These features might be a great addition to the app that you want but they are not all. There is another element that is important for the creation of the Instagram template free. That is the design of the app.

The app design consists of User Experience and the User Interface. These are the ingredients that help in the success of the app. The cost associated with the app design is also very crucial to factor in.

When it comes to the design, choosing something simple and elegant would be a good idea. The users need to find everything in the proper location. Too much of a mess can make them leave the app.

So, choosing something that is easy to manage is what we would recommend. Also, make sure to focus on the colors and the pattern of the app as well.

12. Additional Costs

When you want to have an Instagram template free, then the development team also plays a very important role. Choosing the proper team that coordinates well can be beneficial for the application. So, choose one carefully.


So, now you know how to create an app like Instagram. The steps are all simple, but the costs involved can be a bit high. After all, you are cloning one of the most famous applications. With these steps, you can create a fool-proof clone of Instagram.

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