Third Party Apple Watch Faces Support Under Development

Written by Hemendra Singh on May 30, 2018 | Updated on: March 11, 2020

Third Party Apple Watch Faces Support Under Development

On September 22, 2017, the Watch 3 of Apple had brought a new revolution in the world of technology. Watch 3 is considered to be the best wearable of Apple. Now, Apple is going to launch its latest watch 4 soon. The watch is currently under development. In this article, we will discuss the third-party Apple watch faces.

But before proceeding, we have to know about the watch faces. What the word watch faces actually mean? Watch faces are actually referred to the faces or sometimes dials of watches (both digital and analog). Talking about the smartwatches, watch faces are customizable. Hence, watch faces let users change the style of smartwatches.

watchOS-4 Third Party Apple Watch Faces Support

Till now, other than Apple, only its partners including Pixar, Disney, etc. have the rights to develop watch faces for the Apple watches. But soon, we will get to hear that developers can design their own watch faces and share them with fellow Apple Watch wearers.

Well, this news is true or a rumor, nobody knows. This prediction came from a report of 9to5Mac which uncovered the code for WatchOS 4.3.1 along with a log message. The log message is as follows, “This is where the 3rd party face config bundle generation would happen.”

Now, let’s have a look some of the features of this latest watch of Apple. Do note that we are not sure about these features of the upcoming release of Apple Watch. These are only the predictions about the latest version.

Design of Apple Watch 4

Most of the Android smartwatches have round face. A recent rumor suggests that Apple is also going to design its upcoming watch in such a shape. It is believed that the circular displays or the displays with curved edges have more efficient use of space in terms of pixel arrays. However, the Apple argues the fact.

1. Bigger and Round screen of the watch

Third Party Apple Watch Faces Support

It is also expected that the Apple Watch 4 series have screen 15% larger as compared to its predecessors. Currently, Apple watches come in two screen sizes: 38mm and 42mm.

Back in 2015, Apple filed a patent for using a strap with the battery. Which is why it is contemplated that with the arrival of the Apple Watch Series 4, a first-party solution would also be made available:

apple watch battery starp Not everyone wants a square watch, so we’d like to see a circular option.
image source: USPTO, via PatentlyApple

2. Improved battery life on the upcoming Apple Watch 4

According to the 9to5Mac, Kuo said that the Apple Watch 4 series will have better battery life as compared to its previous versions. However, in his statement, he did not mention how much better will be the battery life. If we talk about the previous version of the Apple Watch (Apple Watch 3), it delivers up to 18 hours of productivity on battery.

If we compare the Apple Watch series with some of its competitors, Apple will have to do a lot more in order to improve the battery life of its wearables. The Fitbit Versa delivers productivity of up to 4 days on battery. On the other hand, Garmin Vivoactive remains productive for a maximum of 7 days.

3. New health tracking sensors

It may be possible that the users will get new and advanced health sensors on the latest Apple Watch 4 series. For now, it is not clear that what type of health sensors Apple is going to install in its latest model of the smartwatch. But from the past, it can easily be predicted that Apple is more concern to the health, hence will install more advanced health monitoring sensors.

Recently, a few months ago, Apple conducted a program with the Stanford University to monitor the heart conditions of the Apple Watch users. The program was named as Apple Heart Study. In the last December, Bloomberg stated in its report that the Apple was working on the latest technology to be installed on its upcoming versions of wearables. This technology will let users monitor their heart conditions just like an electrocardiogram.

Some reports also stated that the Apple is working to install a noninvasive glucose monitor on the upcoming series of Apple Watch.

All in all, this will be a great step for Apple to install the health sensors on its Watch 4 series. Installing the new health sensors or upgrading the previous health sensors will prove to be useful in detecting the serious health conditions. With the help of such sensors, a user will remain updated with his health conditions. Hence, the suitable precautions will be taken by the user as Precautions are always better than cure.

4. Sleep tracking on Apple Watch 4

sleep tracking on apple watch 4

The previous versions of Apple Watch series did not have a built-in sleep tracking feature. However, users can install such features by downloading the related apps. There are a lot of apps available for sleep tracking. It is expected that the upcoming Apple Watch series will come with a built-in sleep tracking feature.

With the help of sleep tracking feature, users can keep a track on their health. Hence, this feature will help users maintaining their health.

5. Sports Tracking

apple watch 4 sports tracking
Apple is also going to upgrade its features in order to improve its sports tracking ability. Soon the advanced sports tracking features will be available on the Apple smartwatches.

6. Improved Performance

According to Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities, Apple is planning to install new circuit boards on the upcoming Watch series. This step will boost the performance of the Apple Watches and will increase the productivity.

Every coin has two sides. However, the idea to hire app developer (third-party app developer) is good, yet it has some disadvantages. Let’s see what are these minus points:

Users’ main concern before buying any product is its price. There is a possibility that the price of the Apple Watches may vary. On the other hand, Apple is well-known for its privacy terms. Hiring the third parties for iOS app development may also risk the privacy of customers of the Apple. The third-party watch faces may ask users for sharing their some of the personal information. Moreover, it is also possible that such third-party watch faces will take some time to build trust in Apple’s users.


Apple is very serious about the privacy of its users. Hence, it is difficult to say anything about the third-party Apple Watch face support.

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