Does Your Ticket Management Software Help or Hinder Your Operations?

Written by Hemendra Singh on October 16, 2018 | Updated on: October 16, 2018

Does Your Ticket Management Software Help or Hinder Your Operations?

Are you a part of a big organization? Are you the top management of that organization? Then it is your responsibility to offer excellent productivity.

How can one enhance the overall productivity of an organization? Many companies focus on external parts such as marketing, promotion, client meetings, product/service delivery, etc. While some prioritize only quality of product or service, it is important to understand the importance of internal operations as well.

In any large organization, there are hundreds of employees. Such organizations have huge infrastructures and different departments. It is obvious that such organizations have an HR department, inventory departments, finance departments, etc.

But what happens when an employee does not understand what to do in case of system breakdown? What if an employee’s computer system is slow? What if the network is not working properly?

There is always a help desk team. This team has primary objectives of solving all technical problems and issue of the company. The help desk team help employees and guide them in resolving all technical issues. Every organization hires only highly skilled and trained employees in the help desk department.

But is it enough to have a help desk department? In big enterprises, it is not enough to have a dedicated helpdesk team. In traditional methods, employees register any problem or issue or query through emails. This traditional method involves some steps.

 Employees detect some technical issues

  • They write an email to the help desk team
  • The team gets the email and tries to resolve the problem on emails first
  • If not, the team runs to the particular employee and solves the problem

But this method has a lot of complications. Many times employees are not able to explain the issue properly. Also, employees sometimes do not mention the system code and the help desk team has no idea of employee location. Now the ticket management software comes to the frame.

A ticket management software helps the help desk team to manage the process efficiently. There are various benefits offered by a ticket management software. Make sure the ticket management software is helping the help desk team as well as other employees and not creating a complexity.

Organizations with ticket management software often face difficulties in handling, accessing the software properly. It is extremely essential to train the employees on how to use the software. Also, the help desk team must have a thorough knowledge about the ticket management software.

The ticket management software hinders the operations only when the employees are not able to access it properly and get no proper support. Make sure that the company which is providing you a ticket management software has a 24×7 support system.

ticket management software

Here are the benefits of deploying a ticket management software:

  • Increased efficiency:

    Let us first take an example. An employee from the coding department needs to review a code on an urgent basis. His screen gets frozen. In such cases, the employees can raise a ticket from someone else’s system. After receiving the ticket, the help desk team can immediately take appropriate actions.
    In this way, the efficiency of work is not damaged and the work continues. The ticket management software also increases help desk efficiency. It becomes difficult to manage a lot of employees at the same time. The software takes care of the serial of tickets dropped in and the team resolves the tickets as per the sequence.

  • Location detection:

    In emails, employees need to specify the system code with trouble. If not, the help desk cannot figure out the exact location of the system. The ticket management software traces the location of the system which raised the ticket. It automatically traces the system code and finds out the system as well as the department. This saves a lot of time of help desk as well as the employee.

  • Time tracking:

    This benefit is amazing! The helpdesk team can track the timings. The software tracks time of ticket raised and issue resolved. It analyses what time has been taken to resolve the issue by the employee of the help desk department. The organization can analyze which issues are occurring often and which issues require more time to get resolved.
    This analysis can help organizations take some actions for such issues and get a long-term solution for them. It also shows the efficiency of the help desk employees. If an employee is taking longer than required, he or she can be trained.

  • Communication:

    A ticket management software is the best way to offer an ease to the communication between employees. Employees can easily raise the query through tickets. Help desk employees take immediate action on those queries. This makes communication easier and faster.

  • Employee training:

    Many times user errors are the common problems in the organization. There can be some users who find it difficult to cope up with the technology or system and often raise tickets for small issues. The ticket management software tracks such occurrences. Organizations can focus on offering training to such employees to enhance their performance.

  • Prioritization:

    There are limited employees in every help desk team. Every day numerous tickets are raised at a time. The ticket management software helps help desk team to prioritize the issues and solve the most important issue at the earliest. What will you choose among these two: downed network or clearing caches from a slow system? The prioritization levels vary from company to company. The help desk teams can set the priorities according to the need.

  • Organized:

    The ticket management software enables organized working. It can sort the tasks in the team and manage the issues in less time. In traditional methods, the help desk staff runs from one department to other. This leads to lower productivity and longer ticket times. The software offers a list of tickets on a priority basis.

  • Cost effective:

    Do you know the term ‘cost of employee performance’? A cost recurs when an employee or customer is not able to perform function due to technical issues. To reduce this cost, ticket management software is extremely beneficial.

Here are the must-have features in a ticket management software:

1. Ticket automation-

The software automatically sends reminders for a ticket response.

2. Service level agreement-

It helps in prioritizing tickets.

3. Ticket tags-

The ticket management software puts ticket tags. These tags indicate the urgency of the issue.

4. Individual ticket queues-

It offers an efficient organization of tickets.

5. Status options-

The ticket management software shows the status of the problem. Whether the process is ongoing or completed.

6. Personalization-

Helpdesk team can understand the customer or internal employee by tracking the issues. The organization gets an idea of what training is to be provided to the employees or customers.


There are various benefits and features of a ticket management software. Tickets can be raised by internal employees or by customers. If the user has enough knowledge about the software, no complexity can occur.  For custom ticketing platform development hire dedicated developers to help your organization.

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