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Tips And Tricks To Get Rank In Google Featured Snippets

Written by
Hemendra Singh on December 11, 2017
updated on: December 11, 2017
Tips And Tricks To Get Rank In Google Featured Snippets

How wonderful it would be if someone tells us answers in the exams like Google tells us when we enter our queries and that too on the top. It, of course, makes our search journey easy and smooth. How Google exactly implement this? Is it having a magic wand? No!! Google has its featured snippets. Let’s understand what Google Featured Snippets is and how it works. Today, we all are running in our lives for one or other thing but everyone’s main motive is common that is to come first in place or to rank first or at least get some attention in the crowd. It is important to incorporate latest trends that Google is offering as Google offers dynamic features which enable businesses to rank first in the search results.

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So, exactly what is Featured Snippet? And how it helps businesses to rank at zero position?


What is Google Featured Snippets?


Google’s featured snippets are the extracted and most closely related answer to the user’s query that is displayed on the top of the Google search results. Commonly, this position is referred to as position zero. Along with the summarized answer from a webpage, feature snippet also includes page’s title and URL. Google will display the preferred answer for your query above all paid and organic searches. It is beneficial for both users and businesses. This is because users don’t have to struggle to search relevant result for their queries and businesses can maximize their chances to be at position zero without opting for paid searches.

Let’s get a clearer idea about featured snippets through this example:


google's featured snippet

How Google featured snippets work? And what are the types of featured snippets?


Google extracts the content programmatically from a webpage. When the user initiates a question then Google detect pages programmatically and matches the best answer for the user’s query.These snippets are displayed as the featured snippet at the top of the search results. A user can provide their recommendation through the feedback option provided at the bottom of the answer box.

An Ahrefs study found that particular group of search queries trigger featured snippets:

google featured snippets google search query snippet


Based on the query, there are three types of snippets:

If you search for the query which focuses on the ways or steps than snippet will be shown in the form of a list.


google featured snippets google's list snippet


However, if your search query is based on the methods or some kind of suggestions then you will get a result in the form of paragraph (text).


google featured snippets google's paragraph snippet


Table snippet is generated when user’s ask some result which is based on comparison or statistics.


google featured snippets google's table snippet

Why is it important to create featured snippet content?


The answer is very simple because featured snippet covers a wide space of the search result page which in turns enhance- Traffic rate, conversion rate, brand awareness and sales of the businesses. It is noted that click-through rate is doubled if feature snippet content is available. Apart from this, from user’s perspective, it displays results in the most convenient and swift way by providing the pertinent information.

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Tips to Get Your Own Featured Snippets:


Enrich Your Keywords

It is recommended that businesses should do keyword research to identify which keyword can be used for the featured snippets. Based on keywords, there are many tools available that can guide you to analyze whether the search query will be listed in the featured snippet or not.

For example, Moz’s keyword planner provides excellent keyword suggestions, SERP features, and SEO opportunities.

google featured snippets moz keyword planner


Apart from this, if your keyword rank high than see if Google is currently using those keywords for the featured snippet or not. If it does, then modify your content by providing links to your page and also entertain the public’s answers.


The best practice which can land you into featured snippet is to generate content that resolves many queries at once.Try to discover, undiscovered topics to give a unique content. You can explore “people also ask” as it will give you hint about where you should focus mainly while developing a good content.

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Do not try to make your content boring by unnecessarily stuffing words into the content and making it longer. It is important to be precise with the content and doesn’t get distracted from the topic. To maintain quality and quantity, it is recommended to maximize your word limit to 40-50 words per paragraph. Also make a layout of the topic that you are going to cover in your text, before directly diving into writing your main content to enhance the quality.


Our appetite increases when we see, a well-presented food, this same applies to our content. The way you present your content to the reader’s matters a lot as it attracts user’s attention and also your content look well organized.

Use of headers in your content boosts the quality of the content. Make use of H1 for the tagline, H2, and H3 for subheadings.Be sure to format your article in chronological order, too, so that Google will be more likely to feature it.


google featured snippets structured content


Virtual learning is the best and easiest way to grab any knowledge effectively. People prefer images and videos over text and thus it becomes important to add images and videos of high quality. People remember 80% of what they see and do, compared with just 20% of what they read.


google featured snippets image stats


To make the video more engaging, you can also add a transcript of the whole video to increase the understandability of the content.


google featured snippets tweetswithimages

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There are many tools which let you analyze your progress and also let you know which probes your domain is mentioned in the searches.

For example, SEMrush helps you to identify your niche target, search traffic source and explore your competitors.

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Thus, you can use such SEO tools to improve your performance according to the market demands.


Businesses are developing a completely devoted section for serving answers to the questions asked by the readers on their website.

It is similar to the FAQs section. Create website content which gives an answer to “how to”, it will crease the traffic to your site.

Try to combine many questions that are closely related to each other into one query and answer accordingly. A well-organized structure will help you to create a detailed content.

google featured snippets how to segment website section

Wrapping Up


The featured snippet is on the rise and it is dominating the search queries. Just imagine being in the position zero, that means you are in the highest position that too without opting any paid searches.

The featured snippet is a bang on and shortest way to beat your competitors and engage more traffic to your website. Thus, it will increase the number of customers, sales and finally will lead towards enhancing revenue. Featured snippet gives you a large space on the Google page that too free, hence, try to optimize your content so that you can earn zero position.

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