Top 10 Tips to creating a Trust-winning Wallet App

Written by Hemendra Singh on February 13, 2019 | Updated on: February 13, 2019

Top 10 Tips to creating a Trust-winning Wallet App

The economy of many countries is now changing from a cash-based system to digital wallet. With the advent of blockchain wallet app development, the scenario is now changing for the better. Getting access to a digital e wallet app is now easier than ever. The emerging market is very dynamic and is opening up opportunities for the bitcoin wallet app development. There are lots of challenges, mostly in terms of security. However, a lot of users are still afraid to use digital wallet technologies.

Most people back out because they are afraid that private data might be stolen and this is why the development of apps should be done in a way so as to make them feel secure. You could earn the trust of your customers by creating a e wallet app for them that would make them feel secure and safe.

The following are some of the tips you can use for a blockchain wallet app development.

1. Nothing can be as important as transparency

The customers would be drawn if the wallet is transparent. It means it is easy to see what is going on and the customers stay informed. After all, everyone is cautious about their money, and if they are trusting you with it, you should be careful in handling it. The need for transparency in the business is indeed very high. The customers must be able to understand the process and adapt to it easily.

For instance, if they are going through a transaction, would they be able to retract it or how would the refund process take place. It is important to be detailed while maintaining the transparency of a business.

2. The privacy policy should be crystal clear

Customers are always concerned with sharing their private information, and this is why they back away from online transactions. They often feel insecure about sharing their private information like location, personal identity, contact information, credit card number among others. This is why a wallet app needs to be designed in a way that security is as tight as possible.

Customers should feel that their personal details are safe. This is an important thing to keep in mind while doing the bitcoin wallet app development. The clear privacy policy would allow customers to take the step to migrate to online shopping.

3. Brand names do matter a lot

Offering a face to the website is essential. It would help the business if there are pictures of the company, its engineers and founders online. People would like to know who is working to keep their day going. The ‘About Us’ section offers the perfect place to connect to the people and help you to convey the message that you want to tell your customers.

You should tell your customers what drives you to serve them and why the services you provide should be the one that they trust. A team photo and some valid contact details would help you. It would be a step in building your customer base and putting your wallet app open to the world.


4. Speed is everything when it comes to technology

There can be no denying the fact that access to the Internet is very fast today. People do not like to wait longer than they need to. Even a delay of a few split seconds could be hampering your profits. If they find that your app is slow to respond, customers can easily download another app in the time being. This means one of the most important things to ensure while developing an app is that it loads very fast.

Since the wallet app would be dealing with transactions, it is essential to ensure that these transactions would pull through even when the Internet connection is slow. This is because the money of your customers would be on the line.

5. SSL Certificates are Encryption is important

It is crucial to have SSL certificates on the website in order to gain the trust of the customer. Security and privacy are some of the significant concerns that bother a customer. The trust that the customers put in your apps would be loyal forever if you keep their data secured. So it would be a good idea to showcase the awards and recognition you get along the way. It would help to get you the necessary recognition.

6. The website should look professional

When you create the site, you should show that you mean business. The trust of buyers can be won by keeping in mind one essential element. You should navigate and look professional and ensure that the buyers can trust it. The text on the website cloud is clear, and the design should be clean. Clumsiness is one of the most critical factors that make visitors dislike a website. This would definitely improve the conversion rate. If you are involved in blockchain wallet app development, make sure that your site is up for the challenge.

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7. Do not go back on your words

You can never go back on your words, especially on the deliveries. The online buyers or customers are relying on the wallet app designed by you, and they want to see the product updated and ready at all times. It is essential to make the product ready as soon as possible and deliver the services at the promised time. The customer would feel that the transactions are valuable and this would create an excellent online market. Establishing a steady online market would obviously mean better opportunities for you and better chances to grow.

8. Testimonials and Customer Reviews

When things are bought online, customers do not really get a chance to check out the product. They have to base their judgment solely on the reviews that are available online. This is why it would be a good idea to have a nice place to let customers put their thoughts and reviews. This would not only help you to grow your customer base but even help you to understand where you should put more stress. Bad reviews would not keep you at a loss. This would mean that the customers are truthful. Moreover, criticism is the way to make things better and sharpen them over time.

9. Social Media Engagement

Nowadays digital marketing has reached a whole new level. Businesses do not only put advertisements on clothes and items of regular use, but you can also find ads for mobile apps as well. The social media would help you to increase your outreach and make your wallet app accessible to all. Useful information can be posted about the brand, and the customers would be more open to the brand.

10. A wonderful customer service

This is one of the factors that cannot be ignored at all. The customer service is one of the most critical factors that you should account for. Customers would not leave you if the problems or questions are answered on time. They would not only stay with you but recommend you to their friends and relatives. The customer service staff should be knowledgeable and be able to offer proper information on the queries and complaints.

These are some of the tips that can help any company to involve in blockchain wallet app development with the best performance.

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