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10 Top Android App Development Companies in India (2023)

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Hemendra Singh on October 14, 2021
updated on: March 16, 2023
10 Top Android App Development Companies in India (2023)

Apps nowadays are a major requirement for everybody. They make the life of people so easy and more reliable. Therefore, these are the best marketing tools in today’s digital world that connect customers to companies. As apps play a major role you have to find the top android app development companies in India to develop and design your app.

The Indian app development market is quickly growing, with a persisting demand for mobile applications. According to Statista, the total value of India’s mobile app industry was worth 6.2 billion U.S dollars in 2021 – an exponential jump from 1.3 billion U.S dollars in 2015.

After the USA, India is the second-largest app developer country that develops apps around the world. However, the main reason to choose top android app development companies in India is that it works for minimum expenses. This means Indian android app developers for deploying the app projects, because they need minimum investment and provide you with maximum output.

Top android app development companies in India are located in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Jaipur, etc. These big technology giants will provide you with applications with the latest technology which will help in your professional and personal life. Moreover, they develop the best mobile apps which you can use on different platforms like android and iOS devices. Smartphones are gadgets that directly connect the customers with the company which helps in the growth of the company.

List of Best Android App Developers in India

Company Name Founded Year Employees Hourly Rate
The NineHertz 2008 101-250 < $25
Rippen Apps 2013 120+ < $25
SoluLab 2014 50-249 $25-$49
OpenXcell 2008 350+ < $25
Magneto IT Solutions 2009 50-249 < $25
Alphonic Network Solutions Pvt Ltd 2013 50-249 $25-$49
KPIS Pvt ltd 2012 50-249 $25-$49
Day One Technology 2016 50-249 $50-$99
SteelKiwi 2011 50-249 $35
IndusNet Technologies 1997 250-999 < $25

Top Android App Development Companies in India

Android App Developers
Let’s explore all indian android app developers in detail:

1. The NineHertz: Best Android App Development Company in India

The NineHertz is a top-rated Android app development company in India that develops apps for different platforms. It is a web and mobile app development agency, headquartered in Jaipur. Besides, the firm has its presence in countries like the USA, UK, UAE, Australia, and Dubai. The NineHertz publishes the software, consultant, and supply software (which includes the manufacturing, supply, and declaration of the already made software). They also produce O.S software, business & other apps, computer, and smartphone games. Therefore, this company first analyzes the demand and issue of the users and provides them with the best solutions.

This company has employees ranging from 101-250 with an avg hourly rate of <$25. However, it also includes the maintenance of the software and web designing of the websites or apps.

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2. Rippen Apps

Rippen apps is a mobile app development company that helps startups, entrepreneurs, and other companies to create good mobile applications. Therefore, till now it has helped 150+ startups, 130+ businesses who manage the procedure and expenses of mobile applications.

It has around 120+ employees with an avg hourly rate of <$25. However, they are having a good team of web developers, designers, and business interpreters. Rippen apps were brought up by Saurabh Pandey in 2013 and its office is in Noida, India.

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3. SoluLab

SoluLab comes under the top blockchain development companies with 97% of the customers. It provides various services to startups, small businesses, or large businesses. However, it provides clients with modern technologies like IoT, blockchain, chatbot, cloud, VR, AR, and many more. It is in partnership with some companies like the University of Cambridge, Walt Disney, Mercedes Benz, Goldman Sachs.

SoluLabs has 180+ technical experts and completed 1500+ projects globally in over 15 countries. Their employee’s range is between 50-249 with an avg hourly rate of $25-$49. Besides, the offices of soluLab are in India, the USA, UAE.

4. OpenXcell

OpenXcell is one of the leading android app development companies in India having an HQ in the USA. It came into existence in 2009 and continues to deliver the best mobile applications and software solutions globally. OpenXcell uses the latest and up-to-date technology for developing or designing new software applications.

This company has offices in India and the USA with 350+ employees who are technical experts. Besides, it has submitted 3000+ apps on the play store which has 15 million users till now. They charge an avg hourly rate of <$25.

5. Magneto IT Solutions

Precisely Magneto IT solutions provide e-Commerce solutions in developing app markets. This company creates innovative mobile applications and uses a graceful procedure to develop mobile applications. Therefore, they help their client and provide them solutions to increase their business through digital marketing.

They are having 10+ years of experience in providing e-commerce and digital marketing services with 650+ clients globally. Besides, they have 50-249 employees with an avg hourly rate of <$25. Their offices are in the countries USA and Bahrain.

6. Alphonic Network Solutions Pvt Ltd

Allophonic Network Solutions came into existence in 2013 providing services like mobile apps and web development. Its head office is in Jaipur with 40+ smart and creative minds teams. However, the services which they deliver will help the client for the growth and success in their business. Their services include web and mobile app development, iOS app development, etc.

They keep in mind to provide clients with solutions at lesser expenses. They have employees range between 50-249 with an avg hourly rate of $25-$49. Its office location is in India.

7. KPIS Pvt ltd

In 2015, KPIS started developing mobile and web apps along with game app development. This company will help small and medium incorporations to increase their business. Moreover, the main aim of the company is to fulfill all the requirements of the clients with modern technologies. Their services include reliable cost, innovative ideas, delivery of the product on time, which results in the best of the best outcome.

Office of the KPIs is only in India with a 50-249 employees range. This company provides services globally also.

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8. Day One Technology

It is a US-based company founded in 2016 and comes under the top android app development companies in India. The specialty of this company is that it develops software with high technology. Therefore, their intelligent and AI-based products are more likely loved by the users and clients. Different latest technologies used by this agency are AI, UI/UX design, data, analytics, etc offering clients with best results.

In a very short period not only has this company become successful but have done work for 500 fortune companies. Besides, it has also given funds to small startups or businesses. They have employees range between 50-249 with an avg hourly rate of $50-$99. Their offices are in the USA and India.

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9. SteelKiwi

SteelKiwi is expertise in providing different software development services. They also help small businesses or startups in growing their business. However, they are experts in various fields but their key factor or main focus is on healthcare software development, restaurant app development, and video chat app development. They have also provided services to the clients in projects like Real Estate, Education, Travel and transportation, and many more.

This company came into existence in 2011 with a 50-249 range of employees. The offices of this company are in the countries Ukraine, India, USA.

10. IndusNet Technologies

IndusNet has provided software services with innovative and creative ideas since the beginning of 1997. They provide clients with up-to-date technology and simple solutions to the clients in marketing. INT has won the digital first-enterprise award. Moreover, this company helps the business to grow and provide clients with a winsome experience. It is ranked no 1 by IT SME dun & Bradstreet in India in 2008.

It is having a team of 750+ skillful expertise globally which will provide fast and efficient solutions to the customer. This company has employees ranging from 250-999 with an avg hourly rate of <$25. Its offices lie in India and the United Kingdom.

How to Choose Android App Development Companies in India?

Selecting the right Android app development company in India can be a vital decision for your business’s success. With numerous options and competitors in the market, it becomes essential to analyze various aspects before making a choice. First and foremost, ensure that the prospective company has extensive experience and a proven track record in the Android app development domain. Examine their previous projects and read client testimonials to gauge the quality of their work. Additionally, pay attention to their expertise in the latest technologies and industry-specific solutions, as this demonstrates their adaptability and willingness to stay current. Communication is key; therefore, choose a company that maintains transparent communication and provides regular updates throughout the project. Lastly, consider the pricing structure and post-deployment support offered by the company to make certain that your investment garners fruitful results in the long run.

How Much Does it Cost to Develop Android App in India?

The cost of developing an Android application in India can vary greatly depending on multiple factors, including the complexity of the app, the number of features, and the specific requirements of the client. With the abundance of skilled and cost-effective developers, India has become a go-to destination for businesses and individuals seeking to create high-quality and budget-friendly Android applications. To get a precise estimate, one must consider elements such as app design, development hours, third-party integrations, and post-launch support. Typically, a basic application with limited features may start from as low as $5,000. However, more complex applications with advanced functionalities and bespoke user experiences can range well into the tens of thousands of dollars. As with any investment, it is essential to thoroughly research and select the right development partner to ensure the app’s success and to achieve a strong return on investment.

How to Hire Android App Developers in India?

Hiring skilled Android app developers in India can be a game-changer for your business, as it opens up opportunities for innovation and cost-effective development solutions. The first step to successfully engage with these talented professionals is to carefully define your project requirements, including the overall vision, timeline, and budget constraints. This detailed information will allow you to methodically evaluate potential candidates not only based on their technical expertise, but also their problem-solving abilities, and adaptability to your organizational culture. Networking within professional circles, exploring online platforms such as LinkedIn or Stack Overflow, and collaborating with specialized recruitment agencies are all effective ways to source top talent. Conducting thorough interviews, reviewing portfolios and reference checks further aids in validating the capabilities of prospective developers. Equally important is establishing a clear communication channel, ensuring a mutual understanding of expectations, and fostering a strong working relationship to guarantee the successful outcome of your Android app development project.

Conclusion Thoughts

If you are thinking of developing a web app or mobile app then you must consider the above given top android app development companies in India. Indian companies are topping in the software sector not only in India but globally.


1. Which is the Best Android App Development Company in India?

When it comes to the best Android app development company in India, The NineHertz is the name that you should trust. With years of experience in providing high-end apps for celebrities, brands, and businesses all over the world, they bring their expertise and mastery to the Indian market.

2. What is the Cost of Developing an Android app in India?

Typically, a basic android app with limited features may start from as low as $5,000.

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