Upcoming Wearable Technology: Top Wearable Devices Will See in Future

Written by Hemendra Singh on October 17, 2016 | Updated on: July 30, 2021

Upcoming Wearable Technology: Top Wearable Devices Will See in Future

Upcoming Wearable Technology is activity trackers which use advanced computer and electronic devices to make us more gadget-friendly. In the past few years, wearable devices have shown tremendous growth. You would be surprised by knowing the fact that the market exceeded 2 billion USD in 2015 and this year, it is expected that this number will cross 3 billion marks. Google predicts that Wearable devices sales will reach 21 million units by 2018. These facts are marvellous. And this has happened only because of wearable app development services.

Now if I talk about gadgets as wearable devices then wristwatches and bands come into this category. Industries are looking for more wearable-friendly devices. They are looking to launch smart clothes and gesture-based interfaces that will be enabled with multiple sensors. Thus, they are making devices truly wearable. Big companies like OMsignal, Samsung, Google, Hexo Skin, and Armour has started work on these more wearable devices.

They are planning to make clothes in such a way that your back will be act as a smartphone device. The biggest advantage of these smart clothing will be health measurement and monitoring to keep track of vital signs with sensors. Another advantage of these types of clothes is that these wearing clothes do not require any extra effort. You just have to wear these as you wear clothes just like a normal routine. Smart clothing is that you wouldn’t have to work extra to take advantage of this upcoming wearable technology.

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Future of Upcoming Wearable Technologies & Devices

We will see another invention in the form of data facilitated centre in the coming future. It will provide the continuous capture, interpretation of health and performance. These embedded biometric sensors allow physicians and coaches to make certain decisions from anywhere. The main objective of doing so is the continuous care of patients.

Gesture-based interfaces are also the future of wearable devices as we have already seen the beginning of Gesture-based interfaces in Google glass which takes pictures when the user blinks. Apple is also planning to launch its gesture-based gadget.

This gadget will be able to communicate actions through Apple TV and flipping pages on your iPad while you are shutting off the lights or running on a treadmill, and more.

Apple is looking for the S1 system with a custom processor and a wireless charging chip. Samsung just announced the bio-processor with analogue to digital converters. The company designed this for the wrist-worn upcoming wearable technologies that can carry far more biosensors.

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It is also noted that there will be a near bezel-free OLED module for smartwatches of all kinds in the next evolution. This OLED module will be of unique power and performance. OLED in smart glasses will be capable of driving a borderless see-through active projection display area. It will get rid of the grey boxing effect found on liquid-crystal-based displays requiring a backlight.

What we expect

We expect wearable devices to be the driver of many of the mobile app development innovations going forward as more and more companies follow suit. Thus, we are pretty sure that wearables will get the respect they deserve in near future with all these innovations.

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