Why Salesforce Dx is Beneficial for a Company’s Business Relations?

Written by admin on July 19, 2019 | Updated on: August 6, 2019

Why Salesforce Dx is Beneficial for a Company’s Business Relations?

Have you ever wondered what the priority is for a company? If you are thinking of “Income” and “Profit,” then you are not so right. The first thing a company always looks for is “service towards its customers.” It is very important to build a relationship with the customer. If there is no relation with customer/client, then a company does not exist. Let us understand how a company builds its business with the use of the tool Salesforce Dx, which is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider.

In addition to source driven development, Salesforce Dx manages and releases package. This new method of organizing and deploying new metadata is called unlocked packages. If multiple projects are built together than through this app, you can unlock into single Dx in an organized manner.

What is Salesforce Dx and why to use it?

App development cycle is affected by the new tool and feature SalesforceDx. It is a new development and automation built called a command line interface and a new method of sandbox format. In the traditional method, app builders build an app and develop multiple versions. If two teams are working on the same project without each other’s knowledge, this is where Salesforce Dx comes in handy.

Instead of getting various pieces of metadata from various environments, this app can take the metadata from a centralized control platform. This type of managing and customizing is called source driven development. In source driven development folders are arranged efficiently. This method gives better visibility to the whole team.

How Salesforce Dx works as a CRM?

Salesforce Dx is a CRM or customer relationship management platform. It is software where an organization or a company uses to know all aspects of a company’s sales and customer contact. It is a means of communication between a company and its customer! It aims to build and improve business relationship.

So, it is a CRM product which in moving more into the enterprise platform. With the data and online developer activity creates the right environment for a new enterprise application! With this powerful tool, it has attracted its platform to a large number of enterprise developers.

Some Salesforce Dx tips which will help you and your company to grow

Many companies are getting the benefit of implementing Salesforce Dx CRM! Like any other software and technology, this requires a constant update, new features, and some new challenges which you might get in on the way.

  • Do not be lost when you are new to the platform as it has many tabs and features. You can start with the basics by going through a walk through of the main function of a CRM. You can manage your profile, customize your own sales process, and also know the company’s sales.
  • Navigate in the search bar for the setup – Instead of browsing in multiple links and options use the search bar button to navigate the setup.
  • Set tracking alert and email notification – You can maintain a transparency process by keeping your team member in the loop. When new leads are added or assigned, or there is a change in the process, every member will get email notifications.Just like outlook office, you can set up a reminder to follow up with your contact! You also have the options of setting up automated email alerts for the recipients and customize the actions for the emails to be sent.
  • Your reports which need to be created can be automated and delivered to you on monthly or weekly meetings. You have options to create your report on revenue and the number of frequency to whom you want it to be mailed etc.
  • Accessibility – This tool has the options for the user account to access. Your data might get deleted or edited from a team member so you can manage, control, limit, and set individual permission to the tool.
  • Salesforce Dx on apps – One great use of this tool is it can integrate several different apps. Several cleaning apps are there, which can make your CRM more efficient. It can detect and delete duplicate reports.
  • Browser extensions-You can use it as an extension with Google, which is a dominant browser.You can view new developments from emails.
  • You can incorporate Salesforce Dx as a search engine within the chrome browser.
  • Through this tool, you can import data from an excel sheet or even from your old CRM. This has a limit of up to 50,000 records at once.

For more information on Salesforce Dx, you can refer to Flossum.com. Some of their clients are Amazon, Alphabet, Adidas, etc.It enhances version control, better team development. It has scope for automated testing, enabling continuous integration. It can import a large number of files at one shot.

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What are the trends for Salesforce DX in 2019?

  • Some experts predict small business in the field services, and IOT will rise
  • Integration of the app will be lightning in web components. Giant companies like Google, Apple, in partnership with Salesforce, will greatly innovate the customer experience.
  • With the app building component “lightning web component” will enhance the performance, productivity, standards, and new experience for developers.
  • The best technology will emerge out of the platform.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning have dominated the world of technology. AI in Salesforce will take a long way for CRM users. It will be a year for rapid growth.
  • App-based cloud technology will be mostly used and adopted by most companies.
  • A new way of approaching a problem will be developed by app developers to create and enhance the app faster.
  • Lastly, it will become the choice of platform for business CRM.

The main objective is to enhance a company’s profile. Its metadata and the source to be externalized to the users. More companies are looking forward to the platform to know and understand their customer requirement with an appropriate management system. Salesforce Dx has now become diversified.

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