Experience Desert Hop on mobile


Desert Hop is an exclusive iOS game where the main character of the game is riding on a tire, jumping over hurdles. In this game character faces many obstacles such as cactuses, camels, pyramids, rattlesnakes, and boulders which take place randomly.

When character jump over each obstacle they will hear some unique sound. At the end of the background music, the next obstacles will be the pharaoh character again, which speeds up the game as well as its difficulty level. Obstacles has their own unique sound. Desert Hop game is available on iTunes and developed to provide full on entertainment and fun to its users. This game’s excitment & you will enjoy a lot while playing this game. The background of the music restarts and speeds up with the speed of the game.

Obstacles in Desert Hop

  • Obstacles 0-36: Normal game speed (X1)
  • Obstacles 37-72: The game speed doubles (X2)
  • Obstacles 73 & above: The game speed quadruples (X4)