Experience Hedo on desktop


Hedo, is an effective replication of the so much talked and heard about Web Solution, AIRBNB.

This can be considered as a clone to the same. Similar to Airbnb, Hedo is modelled as Marketplace Platform letting the users of the system to opt for A-Class Rental options, letting them breathe in an ambience similar to what they desire for. Hedo has been developed keeping in mind the Concept of HOME AWAY FROM HOME.

Hedo allows the users to opt for the best in class solutions as per their preference and also establishes proper flow of communication between the Hosts and the Guests thus safeguarding the interests and concerns of both of them.

The Solutions being designed is multi-lingual in nature eradicating the language barriers for its users.Alcove Designs, attractive UI, impressive Layouts, adds to the finesse of the system and effective filters being included in the system is a plus to the effectiveness of it thereby allowing the users to opt for the best solutions taking care of their Budgets of the guests and finding a perfect destination Rental for themselves.