Camera Color Picker App

If you are a painter, architecture or designer, then surely you need to pick the best color scheme to win the heart of your clients. Sometimes, it may become hard for you, but with Nine Hertz Camera Color Picker app, you don’t need to guess any more about the perfect shades and color combinations because the tool lets you instantly pick the best color as you see them. This Color scheme designer app is a helpful camera app that can capture the live color of any object around you in a very precise way. It can recognize the color in real time from any object such as images, walls, books etc and grab them with both front and rear cameras of your Android smartphone. All you need to do is just focusing the camera on a particular object, tap the screen at anywhere and then the color will be automatically captured. You can save multiple colors and can use them for any purpose.

The Android Color Scheme Generator app also allows you to prepare your own color palettes with different color themes. The app can be very useful for graphic designers, web designers, interior designers, artists or any color lover.

Some cool features of Camera Color Picker tool by Nine Hertz

  • Instant color capture just by tapping the screen anywhere
  • Color detection in real time
  • Generation of palette with the best captured colors
  • Grab colors through both front and rear camera
  • Copy the color to clipboard
  • Share the color with your friends directly
  • Support color models such as RGB, HEX, HSV

How Camera Color Picker can help you

Suppose, you see a beautiful color somewhere and want to use it to paint your home. Just capturing the image of color will not give you the exact estimation and you may get confused by its name. But if you grab the color with Android based Camera Color Picker app, then you can easily detect it, because this app saves the color by the color code which gives the best match.

This is the only app that can save your precious time in guessing the color name. Download this Color scheme designer app and if you have any query regarding our mobile apps, feel free to contact us.

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