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For this project, The NineHertz team partnered with a fintech enterprise based in Texas, U.S.


The client wanted a centralized platform to revolutionize user asset management. He recognized the market’s current need, i.e., the lack of an efficient asset management application that automates transaction categorization, consolidates accounts, and provides a user-friendly experience.

The client specifically required an intuitive UI aggregating data from various financial accounts of the user, advancing the automatic transaction categorization, and ensuring the security and high performance of the platform.


After deeply understanding our customer’s needs, The NineHertz team decided to propose a strategy that would prioritize the financial management app market.

  • Strong collaboration:

    NineHertz’s front-end engineers worked closely with the customer’s internal back-end team to deliver these projects. The team played a key role in all stages of product development to deliver the best solutions.

  • Project Architecture:

    The chosen tool demonstrated a commitment to creating a user-friendly front end. We chose the React library for its user-friendly features and TypeScript for its security and maintainability.

    GraphQL improved update time and synchronization between devices by facilitating efficient data communication between the back-end and front-end.

  • Platform Expansion:

    This application is integrated and can elevate personal financial management applications to a new level of customer service. The customer plans to make the application available on Android and iPhone platforms and develop it with the Chrome browser extension.

Results & Impact

  • Revolutionized User Asset Management:

    The NineHertz team implemented a centralized platform to successfully revolutionize user asset management by addressing the existing market gap. We provided a comprehensive solution that automated transaction categorization, consolidated accounts, and significantly enhanced the overall asset management experience for users.

  • Intuitive UI for Seamless User Experience:

    The development team met the client’s requirement for an intuitive UI, creating a seamless and user-friendly experience. The platform’s interface made it easy for users to navigate and improved data collection from diverse financial accounts, streamlining the overall asset management process.

  • Enhanced Security and High-Performance Assurance:

    The platform prioritized security and performance, meeting the client’s specific requirements. Rigorous measures were implemented to ensure a 100% secure operation of the system. Additionally, high-performance standards were maintained to handle the diverse needs of users and the increasing volume of financial transactions.

Technologies and Tools


  • Typescript
  • React
  • GraphQL
  • AWS

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