Product Engineering Services

Turning the ideas into a reality is never easy and that’s where Product Engineering lands with its minutely crafted approach. The NineHertz brings its proven Product Engineering services at the forefront when igniting a digital product development project.

How Does Product Engineering Services Help?



Making random decisions has never been a good idea when working on a software development project. Product Engineering Services is an approach that encourages the use of well-defined and data-driven decision-making in such projects.

By entertaining the different aspects like product, quality, cost, performance, lifespan, reliability, serviceability, and usability of the product, Product Engineering Services designs a blueprint that carries out a well-performing software product in the project.

  • Improved Product Quality
  • Cost Saving
  • Better Customer Satisfaction
  • Enhanced Productivity
  • Reduced Time-to-Market
  • Encourage Innovation

Our Clients


The NineHertz is a proud partner of numerous leading brands around the world to help them synchronize their steps with evergrowing technology. Thanks to our commitment to high-quality product development, we have maintained a client retention rate of 92% over a span of 15 years.

Types of Product Engineering Services

Our Services

We begin our journey with an idea of a client and take them to the final product deployment phase while bringing the idea to life. Our wide product engineering service offerings are customized according to the particular requirements of a broad client base.

Product Engineering Consulting

We assist in choosing the best technology suite by assessing the client’s requirements and the type of project given by the client. Our roadmap is backed by different product modernization options consisting of technologies like IoT, AI, and Machine Learning.

Enterprise Software Development

Beginning with a mere concept to documenting the engineering designs, we build customized digital products to fill the particular technology void of enterprises and businesses and assist them in spiking the graph of productivity.

Products with the Latest Tech

As a renowned product engineering firm, The NineHertz specializes in imparting Industry 4.0 Technologies in their digital product development. The new trends like augmented reality, virtual reality, metaverse, blockchain, ML/AI, etc. make our developed product more competent than the existing names in the market.

Mobile Product Development

Encouraging better connectivity between the brands and users is the vision of our product engineering services. Equipped with seamless UI/UX designs, high-tech features, and functionality, we build digital products for mobile devices.

Product Modernization

Under our product engineering service, we shape your existing products with new technologies and functionalities to give a boost to your operations. Our product modernization services re-engineer digital products with technology upgrades, architecture modernization, UX rejuvenation, analytics enablement, and more.

Product Testing

Every product that we deploy for the end user is tested in several phases to ensure that only the best version is delivered to the users. Our thorough testing process includes functional, integration, performance, compatibility, security, graphic user interface, and many other assessments.

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Product Support & Maintenance

We stand with our clients before, during, and even after the deployment of the project. Our support and maintenance services keep the software functioning smoothly. Moreover, we keep the software updated with the latest features to help retain the user base.

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Product Engineering Process


Our each approach is backed by a well-defined plan where the different stages take us closer to the desired outcomes. Our product engineering process makes sure that any quality-determining factors are not missed during the project.

Step 01


You define your software requirement to us and we transform it into a technical prototype. The prototype gives the complete idea of the design, features, and user interface of the final product.

Step 02


Only when you are happy with the prototype, our developers start the core development of the digital product, reviewing and achieving the milestones bi-weekly.

Step 03

Quality Assurance

Being the leading product engineering firm, we have a strict monitoring process to filter out all the possible and identified bugs in the software. Our minute testing process removes all the experience spoiler components to deliver the best version of the software.

Step 04

Next Steps

Software is meant to be frequently updated so they don’t outdated. In this final stage of our product engineering services, we keep your software updated with current trends and customer demands.

Our Product Engineering Expertise Commerce


The NineHertz provides software product engineering services for businesses of different sizes and industries. We have helped the startups and enterprises of various industry verticals in digitizing their businesses-

Start Ups

Assisting startups to achieve competitive advantages with their business-dedicated software products and connect to a wider audience base.


Secured and encrypted product engineering solutions to help FinTech businesses better track and control monetary transactions and keep records.


Helping healthcare entities to better care for their patient by building HealthTech software. Keep patient health records, provide remote consulting, ensure the checkup schedules, and much more, made easier.


Transforming the way of learning by imparting virtual reality and augmented reality technologies into product engineering solutions. Learners can now feel what they learn.


Gives a boost to your insurance business with our product engineering services, adhering to strict NDA and transparent policies.

Functional Assurance

Guarantees the streamlined functioning of the software with our thorough testing process.

Tech Stack and Tools for Product Engineering


Our broad technology stack and range of tools make us the best product engineering company in the world.

Our Projects


Our project portfolio well portrays our experience of 15+ years as a product engineering firm. We have worked on different projects that bring us exposure to different industry requirements.


Battle Royale Game

Services:- Game Development
  • Battle Royale Game Our team was tasked with developing a new Battle Royale game that would stand out in an already crowded market. Our client, a major game publisher, wanted a game that was innovative, engaging, and would attract a...


Dangapur Battle Royale Game

Services:- Game Development
  • Team 7 Members BA (2) Project Manager (1) Developers (3) Designers (2) QA Testers (2) TIMELINE 4 Months Of unstoppable work TechStack Autodesk And Maya Polygonal Modeling Motion Capturing Suits Occlusion Culling Light Baking BUDGET Ask


Blockchain Insurance

Services:- Blockchain Development
  • Blockchain Smart Contract For Insurance: Simplifying Claim Settlement Process Insurers are among the many players rushing to figure out how blockchain and smart contract might be used to improve fraud detection, transaction execution, and stakeholder interaction. Recently The NineHertz has...


AR Based RPG Games

Services:- Game Development
  • AR Based RPG Games Augmented reality gaming refers to the real-time integration of game visual and audio aspects with the user’s environment. With this, users can move all of the game’s assets into the real world using their smartphones. Users...


AR Based Multiplayer Games

Services:- Game Development
  • AR Based Multiplayer Games Envision Augmented Reality where you and your buddies play all across the world! At The NineHertz developed such a technology to allow dreams to come true. It’s known as augmented reality multiplayer gaming. Our technology enables...


Doctor Appointment Booking App

Services:- Mobile App Development
  • Doctor Appointment Booking App An online doctor appointment scheduling software enables patients to schedule and book an appointment on the go. It thoroughly eliminates patients’ need to stand in a long clinic queue for hours to get the required consultation...

Why Choose The NineHertz as a Product Engineering Company?

Our product engineering service is adhered to client’s requirements and preferences. Development team at The NineHertz takes the project from scratch and impart each feature according to stakeholders expectations.

  • 14+ years of experience
  • Broad Technology Stack
  • Complete Transparency throughout the project
  • Customized Solutions
  • Least Time to Market
  • Commitment to Innovation
Why Choose The NineHertz

Our Achievements and Recognition


We are proud to showcase our awards, accolades and recognition in the IT industry for hard work, dedication and putting the customer first.

Frequently Asked Questions


Here are some questions you might have. If you have other questions, feel free to contact or have a consultation session-

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