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React Native App Development Company

React Native
For- iOS, Android, Windows

React Native is a leading cross-platform framework in the mobile app development industry. Developed by Facebook, technology enables the development of cutting edge mobile solutions for established businesses or startups. The enterprise solutions built under React Native Development offers users a native-like experience due to their accessibility on different platforms like iOS, Android, Windows, etc.

React Native Development Company
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React Native App Development Benefits

The most significant advantage of choosing React Native Development for building enterprise solutions is the cross-platform functionality of mobile apps without compromising the native look and feel of a specific platform. Additionally, React Native App Development requires less time and money for mobile app development that’s quite supportive if the business owner is on a tight schedule and budget.

Besides, React Native Development offers numerous and variety of advantages that simplify app development to a great extent for the developers and business owners.

  • Modular Architecture
  • Code Reusability
  • Pre-built Components
  • Hot Reloading
  • Easily Customisable
  • Third-Party Plugin Support
  • Live Reloading
  • Cost-Effective
  • Faster Time to Market
  • Huge Community Support
Do You Know? An Interesting Fact!!!

Do You Know? An Interesting Fact!!!

Most popular mobile apps like Instagram, Pinterest, Skype, Uber Eats, and many others are built using React Native development.

React Native Application Development Services

We believe that customer satisfaction brings out success for any business. Keeping such moral values in mind, The NineHertz aims to convey a complete suite of React Native development services to serve clients’ diverse development needs.

Full Cycle Product Development

Full Cycle Product Development

We provide full-cycle React Native development services to our clients, from the project’s conceptualization to its design, development, testing, and maintenance. Enjoy our services and get benefitted from our custom solutions to grow your business.

MVP Development

MVP Development

The NineHertz provides the React Native MVP development services that enable creating a prototype model of the project. Businesses can use this MVP to get maximum user feedback and improve the finished product accordingly.

Maintenance & Support

Maintenance & Support

At The NineHertz, our responsibility does not end just with React Native app development. We always stay there to pay undue support and maintenance to our clients if the finished product faces any glitches, bugs, and requirement for updation.

Staff Augmentaion

Staff Augmentaion

We provide a dedicated team of React Native developers to meet your project goals and budget. Also, you get complete control over the developers working on your project without any unnecessary overheads.

Frontend & Backend Development Tools



React Native Redux Js




Babel JS



API Client

Axios Apollo



Package Manager



Jest Enzyme




Pub/Sub Messaging


App Frameworks

Rails Trailblazer Hanami RSpec

Remote Procedure Call



Nginx puma


PostgreSQL redis mongoDB elasticsearch


AWS rackspace


chef Terraform Docker kubernetes

Our Expertise

Our team of dedicated, highly-skilled, and experienced React Native developers ensures on-time delivery of mobility solutions fulfilling all your project-specific requirements. We aim to develop scalable and secure mobile application using the robust mobile app development framework for our global clients.





Social Networking

Social Networking



Finance and Banking

Finance and Banking







Travel and Tourism

Travel and Tourism





Beauty and Lifestyle

Beauty and Lifestyle

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We are here to help/assist you throughout to find answers to all your queries.

Below are some of the commonly asked questions about the services that we offer. For more assistance, you may directly contact us through our contact us page and get an immediate solution.

Ans- React Native is the future of mobile app development. The technology allows the development of mobile apps with a native feel and looks for different platforms (iOS, Android, Windows, etc.) using a single codebase. It is a cost-effective, less time consuming approach, people are looking for in this digital era.
Developing a mobile app depends upon several factors, including the complexity of the app. If we talk about the figures, a native app’s development will cost you around $70k-$80k, whereas the React Native app development reduces app development cost upto 30-40%.
The NineHertz is the best fit because the company is a market leader in the mobile app development sector with years of experience. The company possesses a team of highly-skilled, experienced, dedicated React Native developers who ensure delivery of a cost-effective, quality product within the given timeline.
Yes, the mobile apps developed using React Native app development look and perform like native iOS and Android apps. The app development with React Native utilizes native UI elements and functionalities that help create native-like apps in terms of visuals and performance.
There is no exact time duration for the completion of any React Native app development project. As it completely depends on the complexity of the app and users’ specific requirements.
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